6 Healthy Benefits Of Using Footrest With Chair

Do you feel like you should have some elevated floor under your table to rest your feet while working or studying?

One such thing for relaxing your feet is footrest.

These footrests have not always been so common at workplaces. But with the growing trend of applying ergonomics in day-to-day life, the need for footrest for maintaining a healthy posture is being accepted widely.

You can find footrests at your nearest furniture store as well as online for very affordable prices. In this blog, we will cover all the benefits of using footrest with chair at home or at office.

You will get to know why footrest are important with chairs and all their aspects that are often overlooked.

Benefits of Using Footrest with Chair at Workstation

When it comes to maintaining a healthy posture, you should take important steps and NOT go with the flow. Here are a few benefits of using footrests in all types of formal or informal spaces especially with high chairs.

1. Efficient blood flow and ample support to the legs

Have you ever found yourself sitting cross-legged in your chair? That is not only because your body needs movement but also because your legs crave the support they don’t get.

The ergonomic footrest reduce pressure from your thighs and legs by providing support to your feet. When you rest your feet on these, the blood circulation in your legs is maintained and you don’t feel the numbness now and then.

2. Supports upper body and help maintain a good posture

Having a footrest under your desk helps you in keeping up the upright posture for good number of hours.

The smooth blood flow and the overall support to your hips, lower back, chest, and shoulders help you fight the fatigue you experience at workplace.

It reduces the stress caused to your lower back by sitting and you feel much more comfortable. This plays a key role in maintaining productivity at work.

3. Helpful for chairs with non-adjustable height

There are different types of study chairs and office chairs that do not come with height adjustability. And for people with a little lesser height than the average, it causes a lot of stress on their legs.

Uncomfortable sitting positions take a toll on your health at times and your productivity at work is severely affected. Footrests are the best solution for this and prove to be a good relief for the tiring legs.

4. Stress-free sitting for seats without waterfall design

The waterfall design in chairs refers to the smooth and well-padded curve at the edge of the seat. It is meant to provide good support to the back of your thighs.

standing desk

If your chair has a simple seat without the curve and you put your feet on the floor, it will cause strain at your thighs. Footrest with such a chair helps you fight the lacking support.

When you use the footrest, the whole weight is shifted to your lower legs and your back and thighs feel relaxed.

5. Stretching with adjustable footrest

As we always back the idea of moving your body now and then to reduce the stress physically as well as mentally, adjustable footrests can do that for you while sitting only.

Your footrest can move or can swing your feet, your body remains energetic with the movement. Moving your legs also helps you cope with work pressure and anxiety.

6. Useful with standing desks

standing desk

The thing we talked about crossing legs when sitting is also applicable here. With the lack of support, we often move our feet in all directions while standing.

If you work on an adjustable desk or you need to stand in your workplace at times, keeping a footrest under your table is a valuable idea. It helps you shift the weight of your body at your convenience and increase the duration you can stand for.

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Advantages Of Footrest For Specific Purposes

Here are a few cases where footrest can play an important role in maintaining a comfortable posture and thus increasing your work efficiency or just relief against pain.

  • Footrest for daily office employees – As we said, sitting in a chair for a whole day can cause stress in your legs. So, the people who need a footrest the most are office people. In offices, the footrest will be the same for everyone. But as the height of employees may vary, the footrest for office employees should be adjustable.
  • Footrest for gamers – Gamers have no restriction on the type of footrest they want to use. They can go with anyone that seems convenient to them. But as gamers sit in front of their PC for more than office workers, especially if they stream their games, it is advisable to choose a very durable footrest with some extra comfort. The footrest should also be breathable to not let your feet sweat during the sitting sessions.
  • Footrest for teachers – No matter sitting or standing, teachers can use a footrest for comfortability and better concentration at their work.
  • Importance of footrest in high chairs for babies – The reason babies feel restless on a high chair after few minutes is because they are not comfortable. It is like you sitting on a draft chair, without your legs resting on the footring. Attaching a footrest to your baby’s high chair help them to sit relax and stable.
  • Footrests for people on a wheelchair – Wheelchairs do come with footrests. But people who use wheelchairs, when helped with sitting on a normal chair for some occasion, do not find the footrest. It can result in hurting or causing so much stress on their legs. The footrest can provide them a good relief especially if it is adjustable.

Final Words

Footrests are meant for people sitting or standing at their workplace. As almost all such work is done by using your brain, being comfortable is one of the prerequisites for a healthy brain.

Apart from a cozy chair, a good footrest will help you get through your working hours smoothly. These were some important benefits of using footrest with chair at work or at home. We hope you got enough reasons to buy yourself one!

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