7 Best Chairs For Watching TV: Reviews And Buying Guide

After a long day of work, we all long for a good amount of entertainment. To refresh the mood, most of us head straight to the TV corner at our home.

Now, it is not just the entertainment one needs, but a comfortable sitting experience as well. One might not want to use their living room sofas for daily usage due to obvious reasons and a normal chair won’t make you feel very relaxed. So what do you do?

There are a lot of chairs designed specifically for leisure time. Here, we are discussing such chairs that you can buy a single or two to efficiently support your back and also do justice to your interior design.

You can also take them to other spots at your home and use them for additional sitting.

Here are the 7 best chairs for watching TV in a relaxed mood. Most of them are accent and recliner chairs and have multiple color options.

We hope you find the perfect piece furniture as your TV center companion!


  • Best In Arm Chair For TV: Christopher Knight Home 305540
  • Best In Style: Superrella Modern Soft Accent Chair
  • Good For Comfort: Amazon Basics Floor Chair CA023FC003-BLU
  • Top Rated: Mason Mid-Century 301373
  • Best Recliner For TV: Westeros Traditional Recliner Chair

Reviews Of 7 Best Chairs For Watching TV

1. Christopher Knight Mid Century Fabric Arm Chair

Christopher Knight Home Evelyn Mid Century Chair

If comfort is all you seek, this might be the best TV-watching chair one can find in the market. With its dark bluish-gray color and modern mid-century design, this chair is also suitable to be kept in your living room or drawing-room.

With the same walnut color legs, there are two more color options for the fabric i.e Beige and Light Blue. All of these chairs will perfectly fit in modern themes as well as retro and boho interiors.

This chair is around 33 inches high including the back and the seat level is like sofas in your house. You won’t be able to rest your head, especially if you are tall. But the plush cushion provides a very soothing space for your bottom, back, and shoulders.

The legs are strong rubber construction and they are attached to the chair using screws. These legs make the chair stable and also make no impact on the floor.

Assembling this chair is quite easy and you will be able to do it alone.

You might not find the price of the chair very reasonable but the value you get is satisfactory. The plush cushion, the polyester fabric upholstery, and the rubber legs are durable and can withstand weight up to 250lbs.

Apart from watching the TV, you can use it for working on your laptop or reading as well.

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2. Urban Shop Faux Fur Saucer Chair

Urban Shop Faux Fur Saucer Chair

Saucer chairs are best suited for lounges and other areas where you sit for leisure. The cushion and fabric of the chair rest on a strong metal frame that can be folded to store the chair.

This frame keeps the chair stable even when you are relaxed and fully taking support of the back. It has got a safety locking mechanism in case you use the chair on a slippery floor.

With so many color options in this Urban Shop chair, you can add a pop of color to your interiors. There are dark colors like red, pink, purple, black, and blue and light colors like blush, mint, aqua, and white.

The most notable thing about the chair is its soft fur. The faux fur makes your sitting experience super comfy.

There is a little breathability in the material so that you can enjoy watching your TV for long hours. Urban Shop has advised buyers to spot-clean the fur for maximum durability.

If you travel to far places on your own vehicles, you can fold the chair and take it with you. It folds flat, takes a small space, and weighs only around 9 pounds.

The chair can support a weight of up to 225 lbs and is ideal for adults as well as kids. Though the weight capacity is enough, the size of this saucer chair is not very convenient for tall people.

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3. Superrella Modern Soft Accent Chair

Superrella Modern Soft Accent Chair

Here is another amazing chair to watch TV comfortably by Superrella. The chair has very strong built with an industry-grade steel frame that helps the chair carry up to 440lbs of weight.

This also provides good stability to the chair and you can rest on it fully taking the back support. The curved back and armrest add greatly to the comfortability.

Unlike most TV watching chairs on this list, this one has got a high back that makes it convenient for resting your head as well.

The seat and the back cushion contain soft sponge filling tied together beautifully with the suede fabric. The fabric is skin-friendly and is ideal for all seasons.

The color options you have for the fabric are golden grey, cool grey, orange, and red. All these colors, especially the grey ones tone well in living rooms.

As it’s an accent chair, it can bloom alone at your favorite spot of the room. If you work from home, after 2-3 hours of work, you can relax on this chair for a while.

No matter the size of a person, the chair can accommodate everyone. This accent chair has been received very well by the buyers because of its good quality at a very affordable price.

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4. Amazon Basics Compact Floor Chair

Amazon Basics Swivel Compact Adjustable Foam Floor Chair

If you have a floor sitting or bedding arrangement at your home or you are looking for a low-level chair to watch TV, consider this Amazon Basics compact chair.

This is a floor chair but there is some elevation so that allows you to rest your feet on the ground comfortably.

For the ease of sitting, the chair consists of high-density foam upholstered with linen fabric. The material is breathable and the seat is ergonomic in design.

You can also use this for your work with portable electric chairs. As it has got an adjustable swivel, you can easily turn to your work or other things after watching TV.

It’s just an advantage and we don’t recommend sitting continuously for long hours. Gamers too will find this chair very appropriate for themselves.

The chair can recline if you feel like resting fully backward. It’s supported by a strong metallic frame which is meant to last long.

Despite the strong materials used, the chair is lightweight and you can take it to other rooms easily.

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5. Christopher Knight Modern Tuft Back Recliner

Mason Mid-Century Modern Tuft Back Recliner

To make the best of your leisure time, here is another chair by Christopher Knight Home for watching TV and playing video games.

This is a recliner chair with a mid-century design. The cushions on this one are extra padded to provide holistic comfort to the user.

The footrest can fold into the chair to make it a normal chair and can be placed at any part of your home.

This chair is upholstered with 100% polyester with clean lines and a smooth finish. The fabric, construction, and the waffle stitch pattern of the buttons at the back make the chair look classy in all setups.

In colors, you can choose from muted yellow, cream, dark blue, light grey tweed, muted blue, and muted green. We really liked the muted blue one.

If you go for light colors here, the maintenance is going to be a little tougher. Its not easy to clean padded chairs frequently. So, we would advice you to choose a dark color or make customized covers for the chair.

The dark expresso grain finish makes the birch wood legs of these chairs attractive. It is durable and keeps the chair fully stable.

You can assemble the parts with the help of a guide in the package. The chair is not that heavy and can be shifted easily to other rooms.

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6. Westeros Traditional Wingback Fabric Recliner

Westeros Traditional Wingback Fabric Recliner Chair

This is another beautiful recliner chair by Christopher Knight Home for enjoying TV at home. It is also made up of 100% polyester fabric but with an attractive print.

The chair can go with any interior theme and will only enhance your setup. As it is a high back chair, it will make your TV watching experience truly relaxing.

The cushions are thick like we discussed the recliner above. The back is high and there is armrest for full support. One can really look forward to sit with complete support here.

You can unfold the footrest, recline the back and take napping breaks on this chair after work. The seat is around 25 inches deep and kids, as well as adults, will fit in perfectly.

This chair has legs made up of birch wood and has got glides at the bottom to protect your floor. On its Amazon page, you can find the additional things that will go with the chair.

They have armless chairs, pillows, and a storage sitting box with the same floral print as the chair. Buyers have shown appreciation for the chair with 4.5 average stars ratings on Amazon.

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7. Strongbird Wood Accent Modern Chair

Strongbird Wood Accent Chair

This might be the last chair on the list but you have all the promising reasons to go for it. Firstly, the chair looks gorgeous with their mixed wooden and fabric look.

There are lively color options to choose from for the seat like dark blue, dark and light grey, khaki, and purple. The chair can look good at any spot in the house without another piece of furniture.

The wooden frame of the chair is made up of good quality birch wood that supports the chair well. It is walnut-colored and compliments all the color variants well.

The fabric is durable linen that has breathability. It is filled with high-density sponges and upholstery springs to for comfort. But we felt the cushion is little firm on this one and a lot of people like it that way.

Remember that the chair has a low back that won’t allow you to rest your whole body especially the head. The button stuffed design at the back looks cool though.

In the package, you will also get a small storage bag that you can attach to the armrest. It is for keeping your TV remotes, phones, or stationary near you while watching the TV.

Strongbird provides a detailed guide for the chair’s assembly which will take your 10-15 minutes. They also have an impressive before and after sales service.

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All the chairs we discussed above will match with the furniture at your home also look beautiful even if you put them in a separate spot.

The Superrella modern soft accent chair impressed us with its good quality and we think the price is also quite well in comparison to other chairs.

These were the 7 best chairs for watching TV at your home. We hope they make your leisure time totally fulfilling.


Which type of chair is best for watching TV?

The type of chair for watching TV depends on your watching habits and the comfort level you want. Accent chairs and recliner chairs are used worldwide with TV cabinets as they go well with the interior and also feel good to sit on.

These chairs can give a relief to your back after long day of work and you can also use them for reading, gaming or napping.

These chairs can be purchased in single pieces so they are even the best choice if you live or watch TV alone.

How far should your TV watching chair be placed from the TV?

Experts opinions differ regarding the perfect spot near the TV. But from all the suggestions, we can conclude that the safest viewing distance can be determined by dividing the TV size by 10 and say it in feet.

For example if your TV is 55 inches, your ideal viewing distance will be 5.5 ft.

Some experts also suggest this ratio be 8:1 instead of 10:1 but you can always play safe for your eyes. Apart from the ideal distance, you should also take care about angle from where you watch.

The most ideal place to sit is in 30-40° angle from the TV. If you go farther from there, it can cause strain in your eyes.

Buying Guide Of Chair For Watching TV

Are you still not sure about the chair you need in front of your TV? Well, TV watching time is sometimes too personal for people, especially if they are in the fandom of a TV show or web series.

An ideal sitting experience for such people can only be provided by an all-rounder chair with all the qualities reflecting comfort and relaxation.

In this TV watching chair buying guide, you will give you some valuable pointers to choose a good chair for you.

Most of these things can be decided if you are aware of your watching habits like duration, time of the day, casual or serious viewing, etc.

Here are the things you should remember before buying a TV watching chair.

Size of the Chair

When choosing a chair for your TV room, its size is probably what matters the most. Some chairs have deep seats and high back while others might have only one of them or none.

If you are looking for full upper body relaxation, you should choose the bigger chair. Such chairs can be used by all members of the family and even if a tall guest arrives.

If you need a chair to sit in for just a few minutes now and then, you can purchase the smaller chairs with the mid or low back. These chairs will also be more pocket-friendly.

Weight and Weight Capacity

When you finalize the size of the chair, it is also important to know its weight capacity. As you will be leaning completely on the chair daily, lightweight capacity chairs will be ruined pretty soon.

The weight capacity of TV watching chairs can be considered ideal if it is around or more than 150-200 lbs.

If you need a light chair so that you can take it to different spots at your home, the chairs with metallic frames will be more convenient for you.

Type of Chair

There are different types of chairs for studying and watching TV and some of them will give you a cinematic experience.

To provide support to your whole body, there are recliner chairs that have a high back and also footrests to straighten your legs and relax fully.

To get the maximum benefit from a recliner chair, your TV should be mounted on the wall.

Accent chairs or armchairs can also be used in front of the TV as they too are capable of providing comfort.

People who look for chairs to blend well with the interiors of their home, go for such chairs. You will find accent chairs in all colors and different print types.

If you plan to have a similar piece of furniture in the future, go for a common color. A lot of furniture makers sell matching ottomans and side chairs to make your room look more aesthetic.

Padding and Upholstery

This too depends on the comfort level you want and the budget you can allot to the TV chair. If you want the cushions to be thick and sporty, you can choose the chair stuffed with soft foam.

For more firmness on the seat, high-density foam is best. It keeps you relaxed even after you sit at the spot for long hours.

Most TV watching chairs have fabric upholstery which is mostly polyester. Such chairs have breathability and your back and bottom do not seat in the summers.

Leather upholstery is another option, mostly in recliner chairs. Such chairs are expensive but more comfortable and durable than fabric chairs.

If you have a habit of having food while watching TV, the leather chair is surely better for you.

The Armrests

This is one of the most ignored aspects of TV watching chairs. To have a good ‘me’ time with your TV, you should come with a big and comfortable armrest.

These are not just helpful for resting your hands, but also to keep some important stuff like your phone or TV remote. People, too much into reading books will also appreciate having bigger armrests.

Frame and Feet

The frame of the chair plays a key role in the chair being stable and durable as well. For chairs to watch TV, you can buy wooden frames or metallic frames.

The wooden chairs are good for looks whereas the metallic ones offer durability. There is also a need to check the feet and the floor protection on them. The heavier the chair is the more there is a need for glides at the bottom.


You are already aware of how recliners let you rest your feet and you can also adjust the back to relax your back.

But if you want more adjustability from the chair, you can get the office or gaming chairs to watch TV.

The reclining feature also comes in these chairs and besides, you raise the seat’s height for better viewing angle and the movability is also there.

Other Features to Look for

Some chairs come with a holder for your TV remote, phone, and journals. Expensive recliner chairs have cup holders in them so that you can sip coffee while watching your favorite show.

We also liked the foldable chairs for watching TV that can be taken to picnics and open theatres.

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