Best Electric Standing Desk: Top 7 Picks

It is important to have a healthy body posture throughout the day when you are working. However, experts suggest that there is more to good work habits than just sitting in a correct posture.

Our body needs movement to stay energized throughout the day and remain healthy in our work life. People working at offices or homes that do not care about postures and movement at work, face a lot of back health issues gradually.

There are a lot of products available in the market to help you set an ergonomic workplace.

Electric standing desks are one of the latest addition to ensure that your body remains active at work and you have an ideal balance of healthy postures and full-body movement.

What is it with electric desks? Why are they so much in trend?

Electric desks are adjustable and you can use them as normal work desks as well as standing desks.

As people are getting more health-conscious regarding their day-to-day activities, work could be left out. After all, it takes a major part of our day and life.

People who had a chance to work from home, especially during the lockdown, tried the standing desks, and people around the world were introduced to its benefits.

You can adjust the height of these desks to work for an hour or more while standing and if your feel like sitting, just lower the height and work comfortably from your chair.

The height adjustability in electric standing desks is also ideal for homes or offices where more than one person uses a workstation. They can adjust the desk’s height according to theirs.

Apart from free movement while standing, these desks also allow you to sit with a good hand position and have a healthy viewing angle with your computer screen.

From this list you can pick the best electric standing desk according to your needs and budget. These work desks are popular among people working from home as well as offices.


  • Top Rated Desk: SHW 55-Inch Adjustable Desk
  • Best In Looks: FLEXISPOT Essential Quick Install Standing Desk
  • Best Portable One: Amazon Basics 5-Level Desk
  • Desk With Drawers: FEZIBO Electric Desk
  • Good For Ample Space: ApexDesk ET60-OAK Elite Series

Best Electric Standing Desk Reviewed

1. SHW Large Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk

SHW 55-Inch Large Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk

SHW is specialized in manufacturing different types of electric and traditional desks for home/office or gaming setups.

Most of their desks are adjustable and come in a premium quality built. These desks nicely cater to the need for having sufficient space to work.

This SHW height-adjustable desk has an electric lift system to set the height according to your preferred posture.

The telescopic height adjustment with its quality industrial steel legs allows you to set the height anywhere from 28 inches to 45 inches.

The desk comes with a small display that shows the height you set with the help of up and down arrow buttons.

There are 4 numeric buttons too, besides the display, that allows you to preset 4 different heights. Setting up the desk and resetting height settings is quite easy and you will get all the instructions in an easy guide.

Once you have assembled the desk, you can make it 100% stable by adjusting the leveling glide at the bottom of each leg.

For cable management, there is a grommet at the top and a cable management basket hanging under the desk.

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2. Maidesite Ergonomic Electric Standing Desk

Maidesite Height Adjustable Electric Standing Desk

Maidesite has a lot of cool standing desks and this is probably the best among them. This electric adjustable desk is specifically designed for setting up home offices.

The size is very ideal with a 48 x 24 inches top where you can comfortably place your laptop and all other office supplies.

Using the electric lift system, the height can be adjusted anywhere from 28 inches to around 47 inches.

Both the highest and the lowest heights are great for work while standing and sitting respectively. The legs take around 10-20 seconds to adjust and don’t make any noise because the system is designed to be silent.

The LED panel to adjust the height is easy to use and comes with 4 memory buttons. You can also set reminders on this panel for balancing the sitting and standing time.

There is a USB outlet port as well that you can use to charge your phone in case of an emergency. Well, for emergency because it’s not that powerful like the chargers of our latest phones.

The table is capable of lifting up to 177 lbs of weight with the help of its eco-friendly high-grade steel frame.

The corners of the top are rounded to avoid injuries and the desk comes with an anti-collision sensor as well. This sensor stops the desk from minimizing the height if it feels some solid object in the way.

Assembling this Maidesite ergonomic desk is easy and you can do it alone within 10-15 minutes. After assembling, you can further adjust the level by using the tightness adjustment glides at the base of its legs.

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3. FLEXISPOT Quick Install Standing Desk 

FLEXISPOT Essential Quick Install Standing Desk

FLEXISPOT is another pioneer in designing standing desks for workplaces. This is a simple and stylish electronic adjustable desk by them which comes in 4 different sizes.

If your work table is always a mess due to its small size, you can choose 55 x 28 inches size here. They have provided beautiful color options as well.

The height range of this FLEXISPOT desk is from around 29 inches to 48 inches. You will adjust it from the small LED panel and it moves up and down at 1 inch per second.

It does not make much noise so that your colleagues or family does not get disturbed. You can program 4 fixed height positions to get the desired height again quickly.

This electronic desk too comes with anti-collision technology that the Maidesite desk we discussed above had. You can set the sensitivity level so that the desk stops adjustment as soon as it touches or hits an object.

The desk feet are strong and maintain stability. Overall, the desk looks promising and it has quite a minimalistic look and the tabletop finish lets you clean it very easily. Installation is also very easy in just 3 fast steps.

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4. Amazon Basics 5-Level Portable Electronic Workstation

Amazon Basics 5-Level Adjustable Electronic Computer Workstation

If you don’t want to get rid of your favorite work table but still looking for a standing desk, this portable workstation might interest you.

This is a small electronic adjustable computer desk that you can use anywhere at your home. You can keep it on your work table and switch between sitting and standing positions easily.

The desk allows 5 levels of height controlled with either the dedicated level buttons or the arrow buttons. The built design is quite sturdy with a strong steel frame.

The tabletop features a contemporary wooden finish that is in black color and looks stylish. To protect the surface where you keep this desk, there are floor protectors attached to the base.

The foldable design of this electric standing desk converter makes it easy to store and transport.

People planning to camp and trek while they have work from home will find this unit quite convenient. You don’t even need any tool for assembling it.

The only thing about the desk that can disappoint people is the short cord. You need to have a power socket nearby in order to utilize the full adjustability of this desk.

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5. FEZIBO Height Adjustable Electric Standing Desk

FEZIBO Height Adjustable Electric Standing desk with Double Drawer

There are not many adjustable desks like this one in the market that come with a stylish design as well as drawers to organize your office accessories.

Available in a white and beautiful rustic brown color, this desk is one of the best electric standing desks you can get in the market.

The desk is available in two widths i.e. 48 inches and 60 inches and the bigger one is available only in white color. Each variant has 2 drawers and a small storage cubicle in the middle of them.

The wooden stand at the top is perfect for keeping your additional monitor and decorative items. You would like the extra space on this desk, especially if you are too concerned about having a tidy workspace. This desk can help decorate your workspace.

The height of the desk can be adjusted from 27 inches to 47 inches with the electric lift system. There are 3 dedicated buttons to set your favorable heights.

The lift system and the desk are supported with an industrial-grade steel frame and legs. You can keep heavy items on it like a printer or a lot of books as the weight capacity is up to 176 lbs here.

For managing the cables, they have attached a tray and two hooks as well. This desk has a lot of parts and the assembly isn’t that simple.

However, with the easy guide, you will be able to do it within half an hour. Because of the looks and storage area of the desk, buyers on Amazon have rated it with an average of 4.6 stars.

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6. ELEFU Electric Standing Desk

ELEFU Electric Standing Desk

This is another highly rated standing electric desk by ELEFU. The adjustable height on this desk is from 29 inches to 46 inches and there are 4 preset buttons.

While getting the favorable height, the legs move with the speed of 1 inches/sec and make a very low sound.

The top of this desk has ample area (48 x 24 inches) to set up a small workstation in your room. The weight capacity is also pretty impressive like the FEZIBO standing desk we discussed above.

With 176 lbs capacity, you can place heavy monitors and other devices on your desk.

The desk hooks at the side allow you to hang your data cables and headphones. The top also had a large grommet for managing the wires and keeping the desk well-organized. This unit is available in two colors i.e rustic brown and black.

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7. ApexDesk ET60 Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk

ApexDesk ET60-OAK Elite Series Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk

Here is one of the best standing desks recommended for people whose work demand having a spacious workstation.

This desk is 60 inches wide and is sufficient to accommodate at least two monitors, keyboards, diaries, gadgets, water bottles, coffee mugs, etc.

If you are looking for a larger space, they have got a 71 inches width top as well. The weight capacity of these desks is also unmatchable.

The 60 inches desk can carry up to 235 lbs of weight without causing any stress on the wood. Because of the strong built and ample amount of space, this is one of the highest-rated electric standing desks on Amazon with a 4.8 stars average rating.

The height adjustment in this desk is faster than most electric tables. You can adjust from 29 inches to 49 inches with a speed of 1.5 inches per second. Such features making it the best electric standing desk in the list.

The top piece is ergonomic as you can see in the picture and it is made up of 1 inch thick laminated MDF.

There are 6 different color options available for this desk and out of them all, we liked black and the walnut tops the most.

The dark-colored tops come with a black frame whereas the light oak and white top come with a white frame.

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Products Wrap Up

Work desks play a key role in making your work environment healthy and productive. These were the 10 best electric standing desks available on Amazon.

If you are okay with spending a little extra, the Apexdesk ET60 has everything one can look for at a standing desk. It adjusts fast, has a strong base, is very spacious and there are attractive color options as well.

For budget options, The SJW electric desk and the Amazon Basics portable desk are considerable as well. We hope you find a suitable desk that makes your workstation productive and fun.


Is an electric standing desk worth it?

The utility of electric standing desks for you depends on your body’s requirements and your work habit.

If you are someone who just sits at their workstation for long hours and has got no habit of moving every one or two hours, you should switch to electric standing desks.

It helps you inculcate healthy work habits and your body will be more active at work. There are a lot of health benefits of using a electric standing desk.

If you have already got a healthy body and you stand frequently from your seat to provide movement to your body, switching to electric standing desks won’t be a sound economical decision for you.

For how long should you stand while working on a standing desk?

The standing time on standing desks can be different for people with different physiques. But experts suggest that on average, standing for one hour after every 2-3 hours is the best usage habit.

When you work while standing, walk a little now and then. The freedom to move your whole body is the most useful thing about a standing desk.

Best Electric Standing Desk Buying Guide

Most of you might have seen electric desks first on your favorite YouTuber’s or influencers’ posts on the internet.

Gradually, the quest of working professionals to make their workstations healthier and comfortable made these desks so trendy.

Electric standing desks can be used by people of different heights and adjusted for the best posture while sitting and standing.

As the demand for electric desks is skyrocketing, so many furniture makers have jumped in to manufacture them and you have innumerable choices. Most of these desks cost a significant sum and one you won’t like to end up with a faulty unit.

We agree that most electric desks are similar if we don’t observe closely but there is a lot to learn about them.

After analyzing all the important qualities and reviews by the users, we have come up with some important pointers on purchasing these desks. Here are a few things to remember while choosing electric standing desks for your home or office.

Your space requirement and built design

This is the most notable thing about any electric standing desk you choose. Before finalizing one, you should determine how much space you will need on your work desk so that you can organize all your office essentials.

There are desks that come in small sizes and are enough to carry your laptop and a few other accessories.

Bigger electric desks are ideal for people who need to set up a large workstation. Some desks can accommodate your additional displays, keyboards, work files, books, water bottles, speakers, and other gadgets.

To organize things better, you can also go for L-shaped electric desks that go on the corner of your room. People who need to deal with a lot of screens like musicians, video editors, coders, etc will find such desks convenient.

If you are involved in two different types of work, you too need L-shaped desks to organize the accessories at different parts of the desk.

The base must balance the desk well at all height levels. Some desks come with gliders at the base. These gliders are very convenient if your floor is uneven and these can be adjusted to stop the desk from wobbling.

Additional space and cable management

Not all your belongings related to work can be kept on the top of the desk. Some electric standing desks have drawers, shelves, or cubicles to keep your important office supplies safely.

The other space can be the basket under the desk for managing the cables. The basket is helpful if you use a lot of devices on your desk.

If not, just the cable management holes also work for basic setups. Some desks also have hooks on the side for hanging your headphones.

Height Adjustability Range

If it is an electric desk, it definitely has height adjustability. But checking the adjustability range is very important as well.

Before choosing the desk, you should determine the ideal height you are okay with while standing as well as sitting. It can be done easily by using the old tables at your home.

If you don’t get the right height, standing desks won’t solve the posture and back health problems you are facing.

Built Material and Weight Capacity

There are very few options with electric desks for the material. The top is mostly made up of MDF which is laminated to make it waterproof.

Solid wood tops can also be found but they are a bit costly. For the legs, the best material is stainless steel as it supports the table well.

A strong build is very important for standing desks. Otherwise, they can get unstable while working. Depending on the nature of your work and the devices you use, you should look for a suitable weight capacity.

Most standing desks offer above 100 lbs capacity which is enough for normal usage. For heavy usage, you can choose the electric desks with 200-250 lbs weight capacity.

The Electric lift system

It is important to look for all the aspects of the electric system before bringing the standing desk home.

Almost all best standing desks have the option to preset heights. After you assign the height to the respective buttons, the desk can be adjusted very quickly the next time.

4 height preset buttons are common across most brands but you will find 6 preset button electric desks as well.

You need to make sure the desk’s noise is suppressed while adjusting the height. The noisy electric system can disturb your co-workers or family members sitting near your workstation.

Some standing desks come with a sensor that stops the top from coming down if it senses any object in the way. It saves the object as well as the table from getting ruined.


This feature is available on very limited desks and most people buying electric standing desks hardly consider this. If you need to move your desk often from one place to another due to various reasons, there are 2 types of desks that can provide that portability.

Firstly, you can consider electric desks that have wheels at the base. Now, you should keep your floor types in mind before choosing such desks.

And the movable desk’s wheels should have braking mechanisms. Without the brakes, you always have to be careful about not pushing the desk away accidentally.

The other thing for portability is the portable electric desks. We have mentioned one such desk in our list of best electric standing desks above.

These desks can be used over your regular desks, on the floor, or on your bed. They are lightweight and can be shifted very easily.

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