Best Footrest For Under Desk: Top 7 Picks Reviewed

To keep your mind focused at work, all your body parts need a good posture. Most experts suggest that your knee joints must be placed at the level of your hip joints.

But due to the height of the chair and sometimes due to the person’s height, this posture is difficult to practice. A lot of people also find it hard to rest their feet on the floor because of this height issue.

What Is The Use Of A Footrest?

Your feet under the desk need firm support for comfortability. If you face the problem discussed above, a footrest will be of great help to you. There are different types of footrests in the market that allow you to sit in a healthy posture and facilitate movement for your legs.

When your move your legs, it results in faster blood circulation, and that further helps oxygen to reach your veins. This keeps you energetic and saves you from unnecessary stress.

The footrest also helps you make a good sitting posture so that all other parts of your body can feel comfortable while working.

In this article, we are introducing you to the 7 best footrest for under desk. We have included all built types and materials that will support your legs and save them from soreness.

A lot of people experience pressure points below their feet due to various reasons. So, they find it hard to keep their feet on solid surfaces for a long time.

If that is the case with you, you can opt for the footrests with foam. There are a lot of benefits in these footrests.

Our Recommended 7 Best Footrest For Under Desk

1. Everlasting Comfort Office Footrest For Under Desk

Everlasting Comfort Office Foot Rest for Under Desk

From different types of cushions to soap dispensers, Everlasting Comfort has a vast range of home and office solutions. This is their one of the bestseller premium footrest for the under the desk.

It comes with a good quality memory foam that conforms around your feet using your body heat. When you keep your feet on it, the foam softens with the heat and you feel the maximum comfort.

The arch of your feet rests on it perfectly because of the teardrop shape of the footrest. It makes you feel less fatigued. By keeping your feet on this, your feet also get a room for movement ergonomically and improves the blood circulation in your legs.

When you put pressure on it, it won’t move from its place because of the anti-slip bottom. You can also flip this footrest and use it as a rocker for mild leg exercise or movement. The memory foam does not lose shape or flatten. It comes with a black cover which is machine washable.

Gamers, office workers, etc. have benefitted from this a lot and showered good reviews on Amazon. This memory foam footrest has currently bagged around a 4.6 stars average rating from thousands of buyers.

Some buyers were not satisfied with the height of this footrest which is around 4.75 inches. But it depends on your height and might be most suitable for you.

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2. HUANUO Adjustable Footrest With Massage Texture

HUANUO Adjustable Footrest with Massage Texture

HUANUO is known for making creative working essentials. If budget is not your concern, here is an ergonomic footrest by them to enhance your legs posture.

It comes with a massaging texture to keep your feet relaxed while working from your home or office. In the middle, there is a roller on which you can move your feet.

By keeping your feet in motion, blood circulation in your legs is increased and your lower body does not experience stress.

The best thing about this footrest is that its height is adjustable. You can set 3 different heights here i.e. 3.9, 5.3, and 6.5 inches. So, if your work setup is at your home and it is used by different people, this footrest will be suitable for all.

Not just the height but this footrest allows angle adjustment as well. The tilt angle is between 0 to 30°. It can also rock back and forth facilitating another motion type for your legs.

HUANUO adjustable footrest has got non-slip feet at the base that ensure its stability. Even if you don’t work at home, you can keep this footrest for easy exercise and massage for your feet.

People with nerve damage in their feet have benefitted a lot from this footrest. However, people with back pain might not fully use the adjustability of this footrest.

Another thing to notice here is that this is hard plastic made footrest. Though it is comforting for your legs, a lot of people will prefer foam or cloth beneath their legs for better relaxation.

So, either you can find foam or cushion-type footrests or place a cloth on this one. This footrest comes fully assembled and you can use it as soon as it arrives.

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3. ErgoFoam Under Desk Velvet Footrest

ErgoFoam Under Desk Velvet Footrest

Here is one of the best footrests for under desk by ErgoFoam. It comes with a foam construction and a velvet cover that gives you the perfect combination of support and comfortability.

The plushy surface of the footrest allows you to freely rest your feet on it and also push to stretch your feet and ankles.

You can also purchase the one with mesh cover which costs a little more. Both types of covers can be unzipped for washing.

This is an adjustable footrest that comes with a detachable base of 2 inches. You can use it depending on your office chair’s height. The anti-slip base is to keep your feet firm while moving.

The whole body of the footrest is larger than most footrests you will find. That, along with the good quality explains its high price.

There are smaller variants of this footrest and a tall variant is also available without the detachable base. This padded footrest can also be flipped over and used as a rocker for your feet. People also use it on their bed for resting their legs.

This is one of the highest-rated under desk footrests available on Amazon. Currently, it has 4.7 stars average rating from thousands of buyers. Additionally, it has been awarded as ‘Best Under-Desk Footrest of 2020’ by The New York Times.

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4. StrongTek Rocking Under Desk Footrest

StrongTek Rocking Under Desk Foot Rest

This is a rocking wooden footrest by StrongTek that is known for making innovative products to be used along with your daily tasks.

It is said to be designed for providing your feet the energy they require daily. Your feet are elevated by this wooden footrest and you feel more relaxed and focused on your work.

You can use this footrest not just while sitting but also while working on a standing desk. The top features an anti-slip sandpaper mat surface that allows you to keep your feet fixed on the footrest.

It has a movable as well as a balanced design so that you have complete freedom to stand still or rock your legs for better blood circulation. The rolling feet come with attached no-slip rubber so to protect against damage to your floor as well as to save the footrest from sliding unnecessarily.

The height of the footrest (4.4 inches) and the rocking angle are very convenient and they let your stretch your ankles comfortably.

This rocking under desk footrest is great for slow treatment for your problems of calf strains, shin splints, stretched muscles, and plantar fasciitis.

Heavy-duty Lauan hardwood has been used in crafting this rocking motion footrest. Therefore it is a very durable construction with the strength of natural wood.

We observed it to be much better than the plastic footrest available in the market. Buyers have given it a 4.6 stars average rating because of its build and utility.

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5. AMERIERGO Adjustable Footrest

AMERIERGO Adjustable Footrest

Ameriargo has one of the best budget footrests to help your feet maintain a better posture. This is a 4.3 inches tall footrest, suitable for people with an average height of 177 centimeters.

If you are below that, there is 2.2 inches extended piece in the package which can be attached to the footrest. For attaching, it has got velcro on all the corners.

You can use this footrest on your sofa and bed as well to ease your feet and get rid of tiredness. This footrest has a high-quality foam that gives your feet a comfortable position.

The ergonomic design lets you move your feet and stretch your ankles freely to ensure optimum blood circulation in your legs. That saves you from getting exhausted with your work and helps boost your productivity.

The cover of this footrest is also very smooth, comforting, and skin-friendly. It’s breathability ensures that your feet don’t get sweaty at all.

You can unzip the cover and take it off to wash and it is machine washable. This footrest is worth the price you pay and its satisfied buyers have given it ratings with an average of 4.5 stars on Amazon.

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6. Kensington Comfort Memory Foam Adjustable Footrest

Kensington Comfort Memory Foam Adjustable Footrest

Here is another convenient foot rest for keeping your feet relaxed while working. Kensington has a huge range of products to make your work life better.

This footrest features a luxurious memory foam on which you can rest your feet with ease. The slope of this footrest can be adjusted using the feet only. You can either keep it flat surfaced or inclined up to 30°.

For the height adjustment, you will have to rotate 2 knobs. The desired height can be set within a minute using their SmartFit system.

How it works is, you measure your hand size in the form of color using the chart that you get in the package. The color code your hand gets, is the color that should be shown in color scale on the footrest while adjusting the height.

This system isn’t that effective though, because tall people can have small hands and vice versa. The height of the footrest can be adjusted from 3.5 inches to 5 inches.

The footrest has a non skid surface base so that it remains in a fixed spot even when you adjust the angles. Though this is a good, comforting footrest, we honestly think it’s not worth the price you have to pay for it.

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7. HUANUO Adjustable Under Desk Footrest

HUANUO Adjustable Under Desk Footrest

Here is another footrest by HUANUO which is similar to the Ergofoam and AMERIERGO footrests we discussed. If you want something light and fluffy beneath your feet at a pocket-friendly price, this is the one to go for.

You can set 2 different heights i.e. 4.15 inches and 5.9 inches, using the extended piece. This extended piece has Velcro on one side and microbeads on the other side to keep the footrest fixed on the ground.

You can also flip the footrest and use these microbeads as your massager. After you flip it, the footrest can be used for simple exercise of your feet.

Huanuo footrest is ideal to be used in offices, homes, and even when you are traveling. For reducing the fatigue on your feet, you can use it while sitting and lying down.

Though this product is value for money, some buyers found it too flat on the ground and unsupportive.

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Final Thoughts

Footrests can be of great help even if you are not a working person. We have already told you how they keep your legs healthy. So, these were the top picks from which you can choose the best footrest for under desk

All of them are portable and have their own set of advantages. Like so many users, we too found the Ergofoam footrest very comfortable. If you are a tall person, we would advise you to buy its regular variant for saving some bucks. For a good budget footrest, the Ameriergo adjustable footrest is also a significant option. 

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