7 Best Gaming Chairs With Footrest

With the increasing demand for gaming chairs, professionals from gaming industries have started to introduce some customized features, which not only enhance the gaming experience but also safeguard the users from straining their back.

Modern gaming chairs are equipped with onboard footrests, which allow users to sweat out the heat in an intense gaming session while comfortably sitting on the chair. You know that a gaming chair with a footrest provides an additional level of comfort.

Moreover, gaming chairs that are ergonomically constructed promote healthy sitting. And if you are looking for the best gaming chair with a footrest, you have come to the right place.

In 2021, some models are completely optimized for your gaming room only. While according to the NYMag, many gaming chairs are developed to work efficiently for office work. At the same time gaming chairs have some advantages than office chairs.

Here, you will find a list of the top 7 best gaming chairs with footrest.


  • Top Rated: RESPAWN 110 Chair
  • Budget Chair: BestOffice Ergonomic Chair
  • Chair With Speakers: GTRACING GT890MF-RED-VC Gaming Chair
  • For Marvel Fans: Marvel Avengers Gaming Chair
  • Best In Recliner: RESPAWN RSP-900 Racing Style Chair

Best Gaming Chairs With Footrest Reviews

1. Respawn 110 Racing Style Gaming Chair

RESPAWN 110 Chair with footrest

This ergonomic gaming chair is styled with a pure aesthetic, which provides both sheer comfort and luxury.

Whether you want to use it for intense gaming sessions to top the leader board or long working days, the chair has bonded leather upholstery to provide extra comfort when sweating it out during a gaming session.

It also comes with an adjustable lumbar and head pillow support to enhance the convenience level.

You should know that this chair comes in a variety of color options. RESPAWN has been designed to make it look like a racing car chair, which offers bucket seat qualities.

The best thing about the RESPAWN gaming chair is that it is equipped with a footrest, which is retractable and can be concealed under the seat easily when not in use.

Moreover, the reclining seat of this ergonomic gaming chair offers a maximum tilt of 155-degrees, which is attached with an infinite angle lock and allows you to adjust the length of the leg rest according to your height.

The chair includes soft, padded armrests and a swivel rotation mechanism that enables dynamic movements.

Due to its versatility, it works great as a console gaming chair in the living room. So, roll it in front of the TV, extend the footrest and adjust the recline tilt to maximize comfort.


  • The company has integrated 155-degree reclining control along with an infinite angle lock.
  • The fixed padded armrests provide highly contoured support.
  • This ergonomic chair can hold a weight of 275 lbs.
  • The adjustable headrest pillow and lumbar provide comprehensive support.
  • It is equipped with an extendable footrest.


  • It comes in a variety of different colors
  • The extendable footrest allows you to adjust the length to suit your height
  • The bucket seat design gives this gaming chair an appearance of a racing car seat


  • To provide infinite comfort and a racing car seat appearance, the company has used bonded leather, which is not breathable.

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2. BestOffice PC Gaming Chair

BestOffice Gaming Chair with Footrest

This brand-new ergonomic gaming chair by BestOffice is thickly cushioned to provide maximum comfort and covered with breathable PU leather. It allows you to spend long hours gaming sessions comfortably.

This black and white gaming chair is equipped with a headrest pillow and adjustable lumbar support to protect the back from strain.

It also features a flexible reclining mechanism, which allows users to adjust the reclining position with an ankle lock, which ranges from 90 – 155 degrees.

With ergonomic construction, BestOffice has used a BIFMA-approved heavy-duty metal base and integrated nylon smooth-rolling casters, providing 360-degree swivel rotation to ensure maximum mobility.

The best thing about this racing chair is the weight-holding capacity of up to 250 lbs.

To ensure fast up and down height adjustment, this gaming chair is integrated with a commercial class-3 gas lift. And the adjustable private custom enables you to personally alter the height to meet your needs.

The tilt lock allows you to alter the reclining angle for maximum comfortability. 

The smooth, durable caster wheels enable you to roll from one place to another. The chair has integrated an extendable footrest to support your feet, so put your feet up and take a break to relax. 


  • It features a white and black bonded leather upholstery.
  • This ergonomic constructed chair is integrated with a heavy-duty metal base.
  • To provide maximum mobility and support, BestOffice has used nylon smooth-rolling casters.
  • This durable gaming chair has a holding capacity of 250 lbs.
  • It comes with an adjustable backrest and headrest, which allow you to work and play games for longer hours.


  • It is crafted using premium PU leather, making the chair breathable
  • The company has used high-density shaping foam to provide incredible comfort
  • It comes with an adjustable lumbar support and head pillow to protect your neck and back


  • The swivel mechanism cannot be locked
  • Armrests are not adjustable, sometimes making it a little irritating

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3. GTRACING Gaming Chair With Footrest

GTRACING Gaming Chair with Footrest

This chair by GTRACING is one of the best gaming chairs with footrest. Its PU leather and sturdy backrest metal frame provide an ideal sitting for elite gamers.

The ergonomically constructed chair enables you to work and enjoy playing your favorite games for long hours without straining your back.

The reclining backrest allows you to adjust the angle between 90 degrees to 170 degrees to match your various needs like playing games, watching a movie, and even taking a nap.

You should know that the company has equipped smooth-rolling sturdy casters, which enable you to move from one place to another effortlessly.

This gaming chair with footrest and speakers offers maximum comfortability and a nice audio gaming experience. Moreover, the adjustable lumbar pillow ensures that you are well protected from straining your back.

And the adjustable armrests quickly adapt to different desk heights and various sitting positions and deliver comfortable and ample support for your arms during long working hours.


  • The chair is equipped with two Bluetooth speakers to enhance your gaming experience.
  • The ergonomic chair includes a sturdy metal frame for better durability.
  • The company has used top-notch PU leather upholstery along with thick padded cushions to provide great comfort.
  • You can adjust the reclining angle ranges from 90 to 170 degrees.
  • The extendable footrest allows you to rest as comfortably as lying on your bed.
  • The dimensions of this gaming chair are 53.15 x 20.87 x 15.35 inches.
  • It can hold a weight of 300lbs maximum.


  • It has a sturdy backrest that reclines up to 170 degrees and is integrated with a tilt control handle
  • The adjustable 3D armrests rotate inward and outward
  • The company has used comfortable memory foam for padding on the seat
  • The headrest and lumbar pillows are removable to deliver more comfort


  • The chair is a little bit pricey

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4. Marvel Avengers Gaming Chair

Marvel Avengers Gaming Chair

Neo Chair has introduced the best premium collection of 2021 featuring Captain Marvel. It is a high-back gaming chair integrated with a thickly padded footrest to provide you with immense comfort.

This gaming chair has a fantastic design that can blend with any gaming room decor and provide you with the utmost support to your back.

Moreover, the company has integrated a dual vibration mechanism inside the lumbar cushions. All you have to do is plug in the USB and feel the dual vibrations from lumbar cushions.

The best part about this chair is that the Neo Chair guarantees three things.

It is manufactured using A-grade fabric, will provide enhanced comfort, and 24/7 customer support service in case anything does not suit your needs. All parts are certified for stability and safety by BIFMA.


  • It is integrated with a class 4 hydraulic gas lift to ensure smooth and fast up and down adjustment.
  • The company has used sturdy, soft, and firm molded foam seats.
  • The adjustable 3D armrests allow you to alter the height to meet your needs.
  • It is a true example of solid groundwork as it can hold up to 300lbs.
  • It is equipped with a compressed nylon base and smooth-rolling dual-wheel casters.
  • The premium PU leather provides superior comfort and easy to clean.
  • The dimension of this gaming chair is 27 x 28 x 48 inches.


  • High-density molded foam for immense comfort and peace
  • The sturdy steel frame is 0.3mm thicker to prevent the chances of corrosion
  • All parts are approved by BIFMA for safety and stability
  • Class IV gas lift, which provides a stable and flexible arrangement of height


  • Some customers had issues with the fabric

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5. Von Racer Gaming Chair

VON RACER Massage Gaming Chair with Footrest

One of the best gaming chairs by VON RACER, which is integrated with a footrest. It is among the most decent gaming chairs, having a better recline locking system that allows you to adjust the recline between 90 – 135 degrees.

The company has introduced a wide sitting area that offers additional space for comfortable seating.

With premium PU leather and soft padding, it protects your body from getting strain. This racing-style gaming chair is integrated with adjustable armrests.

The retractable footrest is ideal for watching a movie or taking a much-needed nap in between working hours.

You can use this gaming chair for multiple purposes like live-streaming, relaxation, gaming, and working.


  • It is equipped with a retractable padded footrest, which can be extended to a certain length.
  • The company has also used smooth rollers and a 360-degree swivel base to make it easier for you to move across from one table to another.
  • The overall dimension of the chair is 26.77 x 26.77 x 51.97 inches.
  • It can easily hold a maximum weight of up to 250 lbs.
  • It is integrated with an adjustable private custom, which enables you to alter the height according to your requirement.
  • The company has used a commercial class-3 gas lift to ensure safety and stability.
  • The adjustable recline angle can lock at various angles between 90 – 135 degrees.


  • It can easily hold up to 250 lbs
  • The caster wheels do not produce any sound
  • The company provides one year of warranty for every body part


  • Some might find assembling the chair difficult due to complex instructions

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6. Respawn 900 Racing Style Gaming Recliner

RESPAWN RSP-900 Racing Style Reclining Chair

Once again, respawn gaming recliners have made their way to the list of top gaming chairs with footrests. RESPAWN features a removable segmented padding and headrest pillow, which can deliver an ultimate gaming experience.

Whether you use it for long working hours or intense gaming sessions, it will provide superior comfort.

RESPAWN has attached a removable side pouch that hangs at the left arm along with a space for a cup holder that means you do not have to pause your game to rejuvenate your body.

The best thing about this chair is that it has a joint surface for the chair and leg rest, which prevents wires from getting tangled.

This is the best reclining gaming chair with footrest on the list that can comfortably recline up to 135 degrees. Also, the 360-degree swivel mechanism provides sturdy support.

So, are you ready to take your gaming activities to a whole new level? If yes, RESPAWN 900 Racing Style Gaming Recliner is the perfect gaming chair for your needs.


  • The measurement of the 900 gaming recliner is 35.04 x 30.71 x 44.88 inches.
  • It can endure a weight up to 275 lbs.
  • It features segmented padding, which delivers all-day comfort and is equipped with a headrest.
  • The footrest and chair are in continuous units, which eradicates the trend of recliner gaps.
  • This gaming chair allows you to adjust the reclining angle between 90 degrees to 135 degrees.


  • The side-mounted pouch and cup holder makes it convenient for gamers to get hydrated without pausing their game
  • It will prevent the chances of controller wire get tangled in between the footrest unlike traditional gaming chairs
  • The molded form used in this chair provides an incredible level of comfort


  • This gaming chair is a bit pricey

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7. Nokaxus Gaming Chair

NOKAXUS Gaming Chair

The Nokaxus Gaming Chair has a large size and big ergonomic racing seat. Nokaxus Gaming Chair is among the top leading gaming chairs, providing a sheer level of comfort and numerous features at a cheap price.

Nokaxus has used high-quality rebound form for cushioning the whole chair, which will provide you with utmost convenience.

This gaming chair is equipped with a reclined function that allows you to adjust the backrest angle between 90 degrees to 180 degrees. 

The chair is covered with top-notch PU leather material, which is exceptionally breathable. Not only this, but you will also get padded armrests and footrests to keep your body in the best posture.

Moreover, the company has also incorporated 2D lifting handrails with ergonomic qualities. The entire steel body ensures an ideal sitting area to attain maximum comfort. 


  • The dimensions of the Nokaxus Gaming Chair are 33.07 x 25.59 x 12.6 inches.
  • With a sturdy swivel mechanism, it can hold weight up to 350 lbs.
  • The company has used a class 3 lifting air rod, which is approved by the SGS certificate for high quality.
  • You can even increase the height of the headrest to add more comfort to your neck. 
  • It is integrated with a high-density sponge, which makes it more durable. 


  • This gaming chair is easy to assemble.
  • It is manufactured using class 3 sturdy steel and padded with a thick sponge to provide great comfort.
  • It is highly affordable for most customers.


  • The gaming chair begins to sound squeaky after a few months of continuous usage.

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Final Thoughts

To conclude, the aforementioned products are the best gaming chairs with footrest and coupled with numerous features like dual vibration, molded sponge, speakers, reclining, etc.

But choosing the best one will depend upon individual requirements. If you spend most of your time in front of a computer screen or TV, you should get a good gaming chair to maintain your body posture.

However, those who want to experience luxurious comfort can opt for a gaming chair with footrest.

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