Best Ghost Chairs: Top 7 Transparent Pieces Reviewed

Are you looking for an overhaul of your interior with some contemporary looks?

The transparent table has been in fashion for ages. But demand for transparent chairs, popularly called ghost chairs has risen in this century only.

Philippe Starck, a French architect, and designer, transformed the design of the original ghost chair of Louis XVI into a similar shape but transparent and made up of plastic.

Then other shapes of ghost chairs also caught attention. These transparent chairs are used in a wide range of interior setups.

Apart from different home decors, this chair is used by studios and diners as well. It also goes well with another modern piece of furniture in your living or dining room. Some interior designers use transparent chairs with accent color themes.

As this is a unique piece of furniture, there aren’t many reliable sellers of transparent chairs or ghost chairs. But we have made it pretty easy for you by preparing a list of the best ghost chairs.


  • Top Rated: Flash Furniture Ghost Side Chair
  • Value For Money: Modway Casper EEI-121-CLR
  • Best In Style: Flash Furniture Nesting Series Chair
  • Chair With Wheels: Urban Shop WK657754
  • Chair With Metal Base: Flash Furniture Elon Series Ghost Chair

List Of Best Ghost Chairs

1. Flash Furniture Ghost Side Chair

Flash Furniture Acrylic Chair

This stacking accent chair is one of the most rated transparent chairs on Amazon. What sets it apart is the shiny crystal-like looks, perfect for parties to studio offices.

It is armless and very ideal for small spaces. The height of this transparent chair is 35 inches, with 15 inches width on which an adult can sit comfortably.

This chair is made up of a polycarbonate molded structure that is durable and strong. They say, it can lift up to 400 pounds but it won’t be able to handle a very healthy person for long hours.

The bottom of the chair has rubber floor glides so to protect the floor setting. You can move the chair on the floor freely without fearing the scratches.

Flash Furniture Ghost chair is designed to last even when used commercially or at outdoor events. If you have aspired to own a ghost chair and the prices haunted you, this is indeed a good deal and might be the best ghost chair for you.

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2. Modway Casper Kitchen and Dining Room Arm Chair

Modway Casper Acrylic Transparent Stacking Chair

Your search for the best ghost chair can end right here with this beauty by Modway Casper.

This chair’s design is the original ghost chair design inspired by Louis XVI’s chair. It will be really difficult for you to get it at such a good price.

The silhouette and shining transparent design of this chair make it ideal for a huge number of spaces. You can use it at home for dining, studying or working. Or use it as home decor to reinvent your living room.

It can be used as a vanity chair in your bathroom or bedroom. The style this chair reflects makes it worthy for outdoor events like weddings and parties. If you want to elevate the interior of your studio offices, this chair will do that too.

Modway Casper ghost chair is made up of polycarbonate that can easily absorb minor shocks and pressures. You can sit comfortably on it as the back is supportive and the armrests are there too.

The chair comes as it is in your package and you don’t require to assemble it for use.

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3. Flash Furniture Ghost Chair

Flash Furniture Transparent Chair

This chair has the ‘modern meets traditional’ design with all the style and utility. It is made up of polycarbonate material which provides it a strong structure and sturdy base.

You get this chair in two parts, that you have to assemble and it is easy. The chair is 32 inches high and blends perfectly with other furniture in your home.

The weight capacity of 330 lbs is also better than most of the transparent chairs you will find. While sitting, you need not worry about the floor getting scratched as it has protective floor glides at the bottom.

The modern design of this Flash Furniture ghost chair, featuring a transparent crystal finish can go with different interior setups. It will highlight the colors it is surrounded with at both – indoor and outdoor events.

People use this chair in ceremonies like weddings and baby showers. Because of its back and the support it provides, you can use it with your work desk and study desk as well.

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4. Flash Furniture Transparent Stacking Side Chair

Flash Furniture Nesting Series Ghost Stacking Side Chair

Here is another beautiful transparent chair by Flash Furniture. It is from their nesting series and features an artistic, contoured design.

The seat of this chair has a waterfall design to not put pressure on your thighs while sitting. So, it can be used for decors, vanity as well a normal setting to sit comfortably.

The back of the chair is not that high but it supports your back well. This chair also has thin armrests. The polycarbonate molded structure of the chair gives it durability and the transparent crystal finish makes it ideal to be used for special events.

If you are looking for furniture to host parties or purely decorative purposes, this is one of the most stylish transparent chairs you will find.

The chair is lightweight and easily transportable as well. It takes less space and during movements, the floor glides prevent the floor setting from getting damaged. The reasonable price of the chair also makes it totally worth it.

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5. Flash Furniture Specter Series Transparent Chair

Flash Furniture Transparent Stacking Chair

A lot of experiments have been done with the transparent ghost chairs to use them in a range of interior setups. This chair is out of Flash Furniture’s Specter series and features an intricate cutout design. The design is very elegant to be used in your living room or the dining room.

It would be great if you have similar armchairs included with your setup already. These chairs will perfectly blend with them.

They are made up of one molded structure of polycarbonate which lasts long with moderate usage. Despite the sophisticated design and crystal finish, the chair is heat resistant and can be used for all types of out outdoor events.

The chair has a very slight blue tint but when you place it near other colors, it is going to absorb their tint.

Overall looks and durability of this chair have earned it a 4.6 average star rating on Amazon.

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6. Urban Shop WK657754 Acrylic Chair

Urban Shop Acrylic Rolling Chair

If you are looking for a transparent chair for high standing desks, here is the best transparent rolling chair for you.

The captivating looks and the adjustable height of the chair are ideal for all high-end counters and receptions. You can choose the other color variant as well, which is transparent but has got a strong mint tint.

The chair features an acrylic seat that is resistant to scratches. The back is high enough for good support and the seat has a slight waterfall design.

To extract maximum comfort, you will have to use a pillow. The swivel and wheel casters offer you smooth mobility across the floor.

Remember that acrylic is shiny plastic and scratch-free but less durable than polycarbonate. So, it is meant for formal setups and not meant to go through heavy usage. But you can use it at home for some study and work sessions or for vanity.

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7. Flash Furniture Elon Series Ghost Chair

Flash Furniture Elon Ghost Chair

This clear plastic chair has a similar waterfall seat to the Urban Shop’s rolling transparent chair we discussed above. But here, the gold metal base with bracing is more artistic.

Flash Furniture’s Elon series ghost chair is probably one of the coolest looking transparent chairs you will find on Amazon.

The seat is made up of polypropylene which is less strong than polycarbonate but has shinier looks. Here, you get a crystal finish for all accent-coded themes inside your home or out.

You can use it in the lounge or dining room. But the best use will be informal settings. The adjustable floor glides on the base protect the floor and make movement easy.

The seat height of the chair i.e. 17.5 inches is enough for sitting at a work desk with your computer. You can also make it your study chair. But the back of this Elon series chair is slightly flexible, so you might need to be a little cautious and not tilt too much.

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What Is So Good About Transparent Chair?

As they are still a new element in style statements, not many people have accommodated the transparent chairs in their interior setups. You can learn more about them from this website.

Here are few reasons to show interest in transparent chairs.

  • Decorative – They look elegant in so many types of setups. Be it a living room, a photography studio, or a banquet decoration, transparent chairs can be used on any occasion or at your home for regular purposes.
  • Highlight The Decor – If you have done a lot of work on the interior design for any event, you wouldn’t want it to be hidden with furniture. These transparent chairs highlight whatever is in their background and blend perfectly with them. You can also use transparent chairs with different color tints to customize the setup more.
  • No Assembly – Most of the transparent chairs or the ghost chairs are made up of a single molded structure. At most, you might get it in two parts. So there are no worries about assembling the transparent chairs.
  • Pocket-Friendly – There can be any piece of furniture that is decorative but comes on such a low budget. These transparent chairs can look graceful in big events without putting an extra burden on your pocket.
  • Stackable – Most transparent chairs are stackable that makes them convenient to be stored.

How To Choose The Best Ghost Chair?

If you have decided to modernize your interior with these cool transparent or ghost chairs, it means you know their worth.

But if you have no experience of buying these types of clear plastic chairs before, you might have to compromise with the quality.

Here, we have listed 4 things you should look for to help you pick the best ghost chair.

Design – This will depend on your choice only. Remember that there is a range of designs available in transparent chairs. Ghost chairs and angel chairs are the most popular designs. So much so that we use the term ‘transparent chair’ and ‘ghost chair’ interchangeably.

The other options you have are Class-X chair, diamond armchair, icon chair, stack chair, zigzag armchair, etc.

We have included chairs of some of these designs in the list of best transparent chair above.

Build Material And Durability – The best material to be used for transparent chairs is polycarbonate plastic. It strong and provide durability to the chair.

Then there is polypropylene, which is slightly less durable than polycarbonate but still a good budget choice.

The third material is Acrylic. It is the best for decorative purposes as acrylic is shinier than polycarbonate and more scratch-resistant. But it might disappoint you in terms of durability.

For reference, the impact resistance of Acrylic is 10 times more than that of Glass. But Polycarbonate’s impact resistance is 250 times more than that of glass.

The Tint – If you are looking for a chair that is completely transparent, you should reconsider and examine the chair you have chosen.

Most of the transparent chairs in the market come with a tint of different colors (mostly blue). You can also choose the tint color of the chairs according to your interior as well.

Seat And The Back – Most of the transparent chairs come with a simple seat. For decorative setups and small events, that will work. But for sitting for a longer duration, make sure your chair has a waterfall seat to rest your buttocks and thighs comfortably.

To make the seat of any transparent chair more comfortable, you can put a seat cushion on it.

The height of the seat should also be considered if you are buying a transparent chair for your work or study desk. For such purposes, you need to have a supportive back as well.

The back of polypropylene transparent chairs and acrylic chairs can be weak and flexible, polycarbonate provides stronger support. You should check the height of the back before buying a transparent chair.

Legs – If you went through the list above, you already know the diversity of legs in transparent chairs.

They can range from simple to very artistic. But the most important thing is to ensure that protective floor glides are attached at the bottom of the legs.

Also, there are rolling transparent chairs too with wheels. For them, you can get chair mats to protect your floor.

Final Thoughts

So you need to be clear for what purpose you want the transparent chair. If it is for decorative purpose or for party and dining or for occasions where short period of sitting is required then you can go with acrylic and polypropylene chairs. But if you want it for ling hours then you need to get the polycarbonate transparent chair.

Hope with the help of list and the guide you are able to find the best ghost chairs for yourself!

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