7 Best Zero Gravity Chair: Excellent For Leisure

Out of all the pieces of furniture, zero gravity chairs probably have the most utility. These chairs can be used in so many different settings like lawns, rooms, parks, beaches, etc.

These chairs are very convenient to carry around and you can take them on your camping tours to sports events. These days a lot of audience in playgrounds with open sittings gets gravity chairs to enjoy the game comfortably.

These chairs ensure efficient blood circulation in your body and relieve the pain in your back, thighs, back, etc. You feel relaxed as there is no more pressure point on the body to annoy you.

Zero gravity reclining chairs are also the 1st choice of people who go to beaches regularly. Not just the beaches, the poolside is also an ideal place to lie down with these.

Here we have listed the top ones to help you choose best zero gravity chair according to your budget and needs. Most of them are more convenient than others as they have got a tray to keep your stuff.

Let us examine one by one to help you find the suitable one for you.


  • Affordable One: Amazon Basics Outdoor ‎LF60040-Beige Chair
  • Value For Money: EVER ADVANCED XL Zero Gravity Recliner
  • Top Rated: Best Choice Products SKY904
  • Overall Good: PHI VILLA XL Padded Zero Gravity Lounge Chair
  • Most Comfortable: Lafuma Futura Air Comfort LFM3120-6135

Our Recommended Best Zero Gravity Chair For You

1. Portal Padded Zero Gravity Lounge Chair

PORTAL Zero Gravity Chair

If you are looking for a zero gravity chair for heavy usage, this chair by Portal might just end your search.

The color combinations and its sturdy frame make it fit for outdoors as well as inside your home. If you have a pool area, you will hardly find a chair more suitable than this.

The weight capacity of this chair is 350lbs with 21 inches seat width. The stability and sturdiness of the chair are ensured with a good-quality steel frame and high-density fabric.

The beautiful color combinations are Black with a Green strip, Blue with a Grey strip, and Dark Green with a Grey strip. The stylish looks are complimented with wooden armrests.

PORTAL has given padding on the seat and the back to make it more comfortable to relax. It allows you to completely recline on the chair with the 170-degree reclining option.

The locking mechanism is easily accessible and you can use it while sitting or lying to adjust your position.

The chair also has a very convenient tray that can be attached to one side. It works as a side table where you can keep your small stuff in the flat space and a cup or bottle in the holder.

All these features, durability, and comfortability have earned this chair a 4.7 stars average rating on Amazon.

You do not need to assemble the chair as it comes folded. The chair can be unfolded and folded within seconds.

Though it is one of the best quality gravity chairs, the manufacturer has advised to not keep it under the sun and rain for too long while not using it.

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2. Lavish Home Collection Folding Zero Gravity Chairs

Lavish Home Gray Zero Chairs

First in the list, we have a set of 2 reclining zero gravity chairs by Lavish Home Collection.

It is a company specialized in making products related to furniture, decors, rugs, lamps, and other interior essentials.

These chairs can be adjusted at different reclining positions and allow you to rest in a way that your weight will be equally distributed.

If you have issues with your knees, neck, or spine, resting in the chair can ease pressure from such parts and give you a comforting relief.

The construction of the chair includes Textilene fabric available in 5 different colors. The colors options you have are Beige, Grey, Black, Midnight Black, and Navy blue which is the most attractive.

It is a wear-resistant as well as breathable material that makes the chair ideal for outside purposes as well as indoors.

The tough steel frame of the chair gives it a weight capacity of up to 300 lbs. So, it is good for kids as well as healthy adults at your home.

The back of the chair has got adjustable pillow attached to it. No matter your height, it can support your neck, head, or even the back when you slide it down.

There are other useful things on this gravity chair like the 2 cupholders and cellphone holder.

These holders are on a side tray that also has a long pocket to keep your tab or even think journals.

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3. Amazon Basics Zero Gravity Beach Chair

Amazon Basics Outdoor Textilene Adjustable Zero Gravity Chair

This is one of the best zero gravity chairs you will find online. Amazon Basics has provided a well-built design to give you a comfortable sitting with a weightless feel.

The chair is foldable and can be stored easily in your storeroom or even traveling vehicles.

The powder-coated steel frame of the chair makes it durable and ideal for outdoor usage. You can take it to your activities like camping or laying in the sun on the beach.

Despite the strong structure, it is lightweight and easily carriable. The chair has a double bungee support frame and the transition from an upright posture to reclining can be done smoothly.

For the fabric, the color options are Beige, Black, Blue, and Burgundy. It’s a Textilene fabric with weather resistance and breathability features like in the last chair we discussed. This one even has contoured armrests for more comfort.

A lot of buyers seem satisfied with the chair as it has around a 4.6 stars average rating on Amazon. Though it comes at a pocket-friendly price, the weight capacity might not be enough for a lot of people.

The chair can lift up to 200 lbs which is okay for average usage but if you need something heavy, you will like the next one on the list.

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4. EVER ADVANCED XL Zero Gravity Recliner Chair

EVER ADVANCED Oversize XL Zero Gravity Recliner Chair

EVER ADVANCED is quite popular for its products related to camping and other activities. From, stools, chairs, and bags to different types of tents, their products are received very well by traveling enthusiasts.

This extra-large zero gravity chair and lounger is one such product by them that is stylish yet very strong.

The height of the chair is around 45 inches with an overall width of around 32 inches. When fully reclined, the length of the chair is around 6 feet, so a tall person can also rest on it comfortably.

It can carry a person up to the weight of 350 lbs. You can easily fold it and carry it to places like beaches, parks, woods, etc.

This chair like the Portal gravity chair we discussed earlier can be reclined in any position from 0 to 170 degrees.

The seats are fully padded and are very comfortable to sit in. The headrest is easily adjustable.

All the material used in this chair like the side tray, cords, frame, locking system, etc., is of very impressive quality.

The price is also quite pocket-friendly and there is hardly any deal you will find better than this. The satisfied buyers of the chairs have given it an average rating of 4.6 stars on Amazon.

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5. PHI VILLA Large Sized Zero Gravity Lounge Chair

PHI VILLA Oversize XL Padded Zero Gravity Lounge Chair

Here is another big size zero gravity chair by PHI VILLA a good furniture maker brand. Though the price of one unit here is quite high, the qualities might make you consider it once.

The best thing about this chair is the comfortability it offers for all body types. The seats and the back are very well padded and are upholstered with Oxford polyester fabric.

It is attached to the frame with a double bungee system. The contoured wooden armrest adds to the comfortability and as well looks of the chair.

large cup tray is also mounted on one side of the chair. It is a strong plastic tray that can accommodate your 1-2 books and 1 large-sized bottle or cup. The tray can be detached from the chair when you don’t need it.

This chair is available in a lot of color combinations including Camouflage. The price varies for different colors despite every component including the fabric is exactly the same.

Because of good weather resistance and stain resistance, this might be one of the best outdoor gravity chairs.

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6. Lafuma Futura Air Comfort Zero Gravity Recliner

Lafuma Futura Air Comfort Zero Gravity Recliner

If budget is no bar for you and you just seek the best sitting experience on a zero gravity chair, you will definitely like this one.

This zero gravity chair by Lafuma comes with a very comfortable ergonomic construction. It is mainly is meant for providing relief to people undergoing body stress and back pain, but other people who sit outside for long hours can use it too.

The comfortability of the chair is ensured with the thick air comfort pads and the design that conforms to your body.

As it is patio furniture, you can use it inside, take it to your lawn, or also sporting or camping events. The chair is meant to last long with its sturdy construction.

Lafuma has equipped the chair with soft but good-quality polyester fabric. It does not affect your skin in any manner and will last significantly longer than other gravity chairs.

If you sit for extended hours in sun, the breathable material won’t let you sweat in the back or bottom. The steel frame is also of impressive built, which balances your weight properly.

You can adjust the chair in multiple positions to make it suitable for your health and condition. The headrest at the back provides good support to your neck and can also be removed when not needed.

To make it ideal for indoors, there are floor glides at the bottom of the legs.

This chair comes in 2 sizes i.e regular and extra-large (XL). There are 4 different color options that are not very stylish as per the price but still considerable.

They have it in Acier Black, Bordeaux, Coral Blue, and Taupe. There is very high contrast in the prices of different color options.

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7. Best Choice Zero Gravity Lounge Recliners

Best Choice Products Set of 2 Adjustable Zero Gravity Lounge Chair

Best Choice Products (BCP) makes affordable products related to relaxation, furnishing, music, sports, etc.

This is a set of two gravity chairs and is a bestseller deal on Amazon. If you are looking for pair of chairs with average features and capacity and a pocket-friendly price, this deal is ideal for you.

You get a very portable design here that weighs a little and can be taken anywhere after folding. It gets in small apace in your vehicle and can be carried to places without any inconvenience.

Despite the low weight, the chair has a lifting capacity of up to 250 lbs.

DCP has used durable material in the construction here with the Textilene fabric and the heavy-duty steel frame. Weather can not affect this material too quickly and it can take minor bumps and abrasions as well.

This chair can be reclined all the way back to 160 degrees to reach a zero-gravity position and provide you with a good amount of relaxation.

The cords are elastic that act according to your body weight. If you don’t like the adjustment of the elastic cords, you can also remove them and get something more stable.

You get a detachable tray in the package that goes on either side of the chair. It has 2 cup holders, 1 phone holder a pocket for your tablets or notebooks.

The convenience, quality, and affordability of the chair have made it very popular for people interested in outdoor activities. More than 35 thousand people have rated this chair with an average of 4.5 stars.

The chair is available in 10 different colors i.e Beige, Black, Blue, Brown, Burgundy, Burnt Orange, Camouflage, Cobalt Blue, Crimson Red, Forest Green, Grey, Light Blue, Pink, and Tan Striped.

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Final Words

So, these were the best zero gravity chairs with all the features one would expect from them. We really liked the EVER ADVANCED extra large chair because of its quality and the price. Other chairs with a similar price will hardly give you the comfort it provides.

You can also go to the Lafuma Futura Air Comfort chair if you are seeking the highest quality of comfort. But its price seems a bit too much.

The best budget option is from Best Choice products mesh gravity chair if you need two chairs at once.

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