How To Clean A Mesh Office Chair: 5 Easy Steps

A comfortable sitting experience for studying or working is the forte of mesh chairs. They offer good airflow at the back and the bottom to ensure that there is no sweating, even if you sit for long hours.

Besides, their ergonomic design supports your back and gets you through those 7-8 hours comfortably.

They are preferred by employers for their offices and students for study sessions also because of their movability, comfort and affordable price as well. But cleaning is where things get complicated with mesh chairs. But in this article we will teach you some quick steps on how to clean a mesh office chair in no time.

Are mesh office chairs easy to clean?

Well, you can’t clean mesh chairs as quickly as other pieces of furniture like a leather chair, a wooden or glass table, etc.

a clean mesh office chair

Small food and dust particles settle in the small holes of mesh chairs and with time, a lot of dirt is accumulated. This dirt won’t go away just by dusting or moping the surface.

When you try to clean mesh chairs with tissue papers or paper towels, the chair only gets messier and all you see is the white paper shredded on the seat.

So, if you want to make it easy, we are here with some tips to clean your mesh chairs. Before that, here are some things you would need in the process.

Cleaning Items for Mesh Office Chair

  • Vacuum cleaner: Vacuum cleaners make your task of cleaning, faster. You can also use a neat dusting cloth instead.
  • Liquid dish soap: Use any liquid shop as they will loosen the dirt. Solid soap isn’t a good idea here as it can get shredded in the mesh fabric.
  • Warm water: Warm water makes it easier to get the sticked debris out.
  • Damp cloth: It is not important to use a microfibre cloth and any clean cotton cloth will do.
  • Stain removers (if necessary)

How To Clean A Mesh Office Chair?

The best start to clean the chair would be finding a neat place to sit. Cleaning your mesh chair will take just a few minutes and here are a few steps to follow.

Clean the surface with a vacuum cleaner or with a clean cloth

clean mesh chair with vacuum cleaner

Mesh chairs have a lot of dust that settles over them during the course of time while cleaning the room or people walking nearby.

Use the vacuum cleaner to get rid of the dry dust first. If you don’t possess a vacuum cleaner, you can clear this dust by hitting on the fabric with a clean cloth.

But make sure that you do this before cleaning the room and also wear a mask while dusting.

The vacuum cleaner also takes away the crumbs that get at the bottom of the mess and it takes a lot of time if you try to clean it by cloth.

The best practice to avoid crumbs on your mesh chair is to not eat near it!

Use liquid dish soap for the tougher dirt

clean chair with liquid soap

For cleaning the particles that stick to the material, use liquid dish soap. Pour it on the mesh material or microfiber cloth and wipe the surface gently.

If needed disassemble the chair

You can go for deep cleaning by disassembling your chair. It gets you to clean in every corner and under the seat and armrests.

Just remember all the alignments and the placement of parts in the chair unit.

If you feel like washing the parts of chair with water, make sure you do not ruin the material of those parts like foam, wood, etc.

Clean all the Parts

People often tend to forget the wheels while cleaning the chair. You see most of the dirt there and not cleaning it leads to jamming of the wheel.

When casters are filled with debris, your efforts to roll it can damage the wheel.

Use stain removers

There are different types of stain removers in the market if the dish soap is not working on things like coffee or oil stains.

Gonzo and OxiClean are some promising brands that have stain removers for plastic, metals, fibers, etc. If you don’t have quick access to stain removers, you can use vinegar.

Before using these items, you should make sure they don’t cause any harm to the looks of your chair.

Here is a short video on how to clean a mesh office chair.

Some More Tips For Clean Study/Work Environment

Maintaining hygiene at your work and study table is a must as it allows you to focus on the task at hand. This will also decrease your chances of falling sick due to unhealthy spaces.

Here are a few tips to improve your work environment physically and make the workplace attractive.

  • Eating Habits – Do not eat near your work/study table so that you don’t stuff your chair with small crumbs. In case you have habit of drinking coffee on your table, make sure you have a mug with a broad base and your table isn’t messy.
  • Covers to Protect Mesh Chairs From Dust – If it’s hard for you to clean your mesh chairs regularly using the methods mentioned above, you can also use mesh chairs covers. There are different designs and colors available in the covers that are for your seat as well as the back. These covers are easy to attach and pull out for washing.
  • Clean the stains ASAP – In case you cause any stain to your chair, clean them as soon as possible. After some hours or days, they would be very tough to get rid of.
  • Make a schedule – Cleaning the chair regularly is not just healthy for you and your clothes but also for the fabric of the chair. So, fix a day weekly or bi-weekly when you will be cleaning your chair. Remember, if there is too much gap in your cleaning days, you will have to make much more efforts in cleaning the chair.
  • Dustbin – You must have a small dustbin near your table to throw all your litters quickly and not make your table a dump yard.
  • Hand Sanitizers – With the touch of your hands after eating or drinking something, the surface of your chairs and table can get unhygienic. So, always keep a hand sanitizer near your work/study table.
  • Light – Natural light has disinfectant properties that can help your maintain an hygienic workspace. So, if possible, setup your work/study table near a window and also make sure that it is cleaned regularly.

FAQs On Cleaning A Mesh Chair

Can you wash mesh chairs?

It depends on the material used in your chair and the type of upholstery done. As most mesh chair fabrics are made up of materials like nylon or polypropylene, it is safe to wash them.

But washing the chair might damage the foam padding of your chair if the upholstery is not waterproof. Also, water can get stuck at the joints and corners and it will end up corroding the parts.

How do you dry a mesh chair?

Water droplets often settle at the bottom of a mesh chair for hours. You can use a blower or air dryer for drying your wet mesh chair.

But remember to use the cool settings as the heat will ruin the mesh. If you don’t have such equipment and you can’t leave the chair for drying, soak the water drops using a cotton cloth.

How do you get the dust out of a mesh chair?

You can clear dust from mesh chairs through hand-held vacuum cleaners or by dusting it with a clean cloth. Do not try to get the dust off by using napkins as they will be shredded and spread on the chair.

How long does it take to clean a mesh office chair?

It depends on the amount of dust and debris settled on your chair. It can be done in 10-15 minutes with the help of a vacuum cleaner and a damp cloth. For deep cleaning, it can take up to an hour.

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