Mesh Chair vs Leather Chair: Which One Is the Best

Are you at the crossroads for deciding the most suitable material for your chair? Well, getting a chair for your office work, studies, gaming, etc. is a long time investment. There are different types of office chairs available. You can decide what you want on many parameters but the material is indeed a decisive one.

In this comparison of mesh chair vs leather chair, we will examine the ways one of them can be useful for you. We will compare them in terms of comfort, durability, budget, and design. But before that, lets briefly discuss what these chairs offer in general and their types.

Mesh Vs Leather Chair: A Detailed Comparison

Mesh Chairs

mesh chair

Usually made of polyester or nylon material, mesh chairs have breathable nets. They are known for their ergonomic design and breathable in the summers.

There are mainly 3 types of mesh chairs according to their composition. The first and the most popular in offices is mesh chairs that have mesh-net backs and padded mesh seats.

Secondly, some chairs have mesh-net backs and mesh-net seats that aren’t that popular. Then we have mesh padded back and seat in the 3rd type of mesh chairs.

Leather Chairs

Leather chair

Leather chairs have been the traditional office chairs for decades. They are expensive but are liked for a lot of reasons that we are going to discuss in their comparison with mesh chairs below.

There are many types of leather with or without treatments and different types of coatings. And we all know what leather is made up of but there is now faux leather gaining popularity. It is man-made leather and has got nothing to do with animals.

Mesh Chair Vs Leather Chair: Head To Head

Here are the deciding factors that you can go through for choosing right chair for yourself.


The first thing we must look at in a piece of sitting furniture is the level of comfort it provides. Leather chairs are known for their attractive looks but little credit is given to their comfortability. The general perception about the mesh chairs is also that they lack comfortability. That’s not true at all.

‘Comfort’ is the criteria where we have a very close fight between leather chairs and mesh chairs. Leather chairs’ plush padded seat and back in the leather chairs provide adequate support to your bottom and back.

The material remains supportive with time and does not fade away like other chairs. When you are having a tiring workday, leather chairs provide you extremely relaxed experience.

However, sitting for long hours on leather chairs can get tiring as they lack ergonomics that is focused on supporting specific body parts while working. In summers, sitting on a leather seat can annoy you as there is negligible ventilation and you sweat like anything.

Mesh Chairs came into the picture to remove the cons in comfort that the leather chair has. With adequate lumbar support and ergonomic design, you can sit in your office chairs for 6-7 hours comfortably.

Obviously, they can’t keep you as relaxed as the leather chairs but your back won’t be put at risk anymore. The air passage from the mesh in summers is also the big advantage of mesh chairs.


Here mesh and the leather does not have such a tough fight as you all must be aware of how durable leather is. Leather can withstand rough usage and you won’t see any wear and tear in them for years. No matter you choose them for your office or home, they don’t lose shine.

On the other hand, mesh chairs use soft material that will eventually get saggy. Though there are very good quality mesh chairs available featuring excellent built, it will be tough for them to compete with the leather chairs in terms of durability. Secondly, if mesh chairs are made hard and durable, they will lose their comfortability.


As there is a wide range of chairs available in both categories, the prices can vary too. But generally speaking, a leather chair is more expensive because of its durability and built. There is more material used in making a leather chair and leather is costly.

The cost also depends on the design and the styling. There are leather chairs with simple built and they are available as low as 100 dollars. Then there are stylish, sturdy, and comfortable mesh chairs which are very high on budget.

It best to choose a chair’s material based on your usage, rather than the budget. Though most of the companies go for mesh chairs to cut the cost, it has its own advantage as we discussed above in ‘comfort’.

Design and Color Options

Leather chairs are largely associated with comfort and luxury and the mesh chairs are meant for studying and working. So, you can guess which one has more options.

The leather itself has so many varieties, and then it is versatile and can be used with almost all types of furniture. Apart from office chairs and executive chairs, it is used in sofa chairs, wing chairs, armchairs, ladder back chairs, etc. These chairs are available in hundreds of color variants.

In the case of mesh chairs, very few good companies make colors other than black, white, or grey. You will find some options in terms of design though. Like mid-back and high-back chairs and chairs with headrest, deep back, swivels, and other features.


What’s good with leather chairs?

  • Durability
  • Comfortability
  • Style and looks

Why get mesh chairs?

  • Economically sound
  • Ventilation
  • Ergonomics

Apart from the mesh chair vs leather chair comparisons we drew, chair maintenance is also a criterion to choose your furniture. Both types of chairs are equally good in this regard as they can be easily dusted and cleaned. But as we told you, the durability of leather chairs is more than the mesh chairs but mesh chairs have some really good benefits which you can read on theofficeoasis.

If you are getting a chair for your home, a leather chair will be a better idea. However, if budget is your concern or you are looking for a chair on which you can sit for 8 hours and work, get a good ergonomic mesh chair.

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