Mid Back Chair vs High Back Chair: Which One Is Best

Are you looking to get through those monotonous office hours smoothly with a good comfortable chair?

Even if you are working from home, you need a chair that helps you in ensuring productivity throughout the day. It is not just the question of comfort but a good chair is ideal for your health as well.

Office chairs can be of two types depending on the height

  • Mid Back Chair and
  • High Back Chair

In this article, we will explore the mid back chair vs high back chair and point out their differences.

Office chairs are meant to support your back, arms as well as bottom and help you sit comfortably for long hours. There are a variety of chairs out there that can provide you all these. 

With so much availability of different types of office chairs, people often get confused about what to go for.

We will measure them by important parameters, so you can easily determine which will be more suitable for you and which one you should probably skip. 

Mid-Back Chairs

Mid Back chair

Mid-back chairs are the chairs whose backrests are below the shoulder’s height. They are mostly focused on supporting your lower back and mid-back.

The neck, shoulder, and headrest support are absent in these chairs.

Why Mid-Back Chairs Are Good?

Mid-back chairs are the most purchased chairs for workplaces because of these reasons:

  • Mid-back chairs are ideal for limited spaces and for when you have to sit for less than 4-5 hours. 
  • They provide ample support to your mid and the lower back and most of them have proper armrests as well.
  • There is a large number of varieties available when it comes to mid-back chairs. You will most probably get the color of your choices and the style and look you prefer.
  • The most common reason offices have mid-back back chairs is that they cost much less than high-back chairs.
  • As they cost less, they are the first choice for people who have to get chairs in bulk for large groups, conference halls, or meeting rooms.

High-Back Chairs

High Back chair

The chairs that have the backs up to the height of your head are high-back chairs.

They may or may not have an attached head-rest or neck rest but you can ease your whole body on it. These are generally big and tall chairs compared to mid-back ones.

Why High-Back Chairs Are Good?

Despite being expensive, a lot of people opt for high-back chairs for their office time. Here are few advantages of getting a high-back chair for your workspace.

  • High-back chairs provide full support to your body for long hours.
  • You can rest your neck and head and take a quality break from your hustling hours.
  • Most high-back chairs are very adjustable and you can make them very relaxing by tilting them back. People use it to take a short nap in-between their work and studies.
  • The lumbar support in high-back chairs allows complete rest for your back and some chairs also have the option to adjust this lumbar support.

Mid Back Chair Vs High Back Chair: Head To Head Comparison

These are the common parameters to compare mid-back and high-back office chairs. It will help you make a choice depending on your preference.


High-back chairs definitely win this with a long margin as their ergonomics allow your whole body to sit peacefully with proper support to your bottom, lower back, upper back, spine, shoulder, head, etc. If you are someone who sits for a long time at work then high back chairs are ideal for you.

Mid-back chairs are comfortable too but if you work for more than 4-5 hours, you can’t take full-body relaxing breaks here like you can do on the high-back chairs.


As the high-back chairs occupy a larger area for providing more comfort, they use much more material than the mid-back chairs. It automatically makes them costlier.

But the budget depends on the adjustability and quality of the material used as well. Whereas mid-back chairs are generally cheaper than high-back chairs.

Design And Space

Mid-back chairs are smaller in size. So they are very suitable for the places where you have to put a lot of chairs like meeting rooms or learning session rooms. 

The design of the high-back chairs looks cooler and they have more ergonomic features but they are meant for wider spaces.

Final Words

There can be so many reasons to go for a specific type of chair for your office. But we would advise you to choose according to your office hours. If you work for only 4-5 hours a day, go for a mid-back chair without going harsh on your pocket.

However, if you are getting an office chair for long hours or your home, the high back chair can serve you for more than office hours. You can sit in it for a long duration and also if you are into gaming, it will be a great choice.

So, this was the comprehensive coverage of mid back chair vs high back chair. We hope you got some worthy information that will be useful in making a healthy choice.

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