10 Useful Tips For People Who Sit For Long Hours

Long working hours in your jobs can really test your patience. Not just people working 6-8 hours a day feel monotonous in their job but also face a range of issues regarding their physical and mental health.

Your joints and back start to hurt after a few years and heart diseases and obesity also lingers around. Getting unproductive is one of the most immediate impacts you will observe about yourself.

If you are someone who studies or work the whole day or night, you need to take measures before your routine takes a toll on your body.

Here are the 10 tips for people who sit for long hours in their office or library. It is time to finally inculcate some healthy habits and resist the pitfall your job might be putting you at.

Tips For People Who Sit For Long Hours

Get An Ergonomic Chair For Yourself

Ergonomic chair

The most important thing to survive the long sitting hours successfully is by getting an ergonomic chair that supports you well. Out of the different types of office chairs available only ergonomic chair is ideal for long term seating.

Innumerable brands have started making very stylish and comfortable computer chairs for people working for long hours. These chairs have a back that conforms to the shape of your spine and supports your lower back.

Make sure the seat of the chair is thickly padded and the waterfall design saves your thighs from any stress.

A lot of people might be reading this article after they have bought the chair. If your chair is not ergonomic, you can put a pillow at back for support. It makes you sit relax without causing back pain.

Maintain Healthy Postures

healthy posture

Only having an ergonomic chair won’t suffice and you will have to put some extra effort into maintaining a healthy posture. While working for long time we unknowingly slip into bad typing posture. These postures may feel OK for some time but they harm our body in long term.

The most basic thing to do is sit in an erected position while giving your back ample support. Hang your arms vertically from the shoulders and use the armrest if possible.

Your thighs can be at 90 degrees with your erected body or a little more than that. But make sure your legs rest well and you don’t feel any strain.

Use Footrests

Use a footrest

To work with a focused mind, you need your whole body to feel relaxed while sitting. People ignore the placement of their legs and just sit as the space is available to them.

This causes strain in your legs and you end up moving your legs here and there, resulting in a sense of uneasiness and spoiling your posture.

Using a footrest, especially if you have a shorter height in relation to the chair, reduces the pressure from your thighs and shifts its weight on the legs. It ensures a smooth blood flow in your legs and you can sit longer without any numbness.

Position Your Monitor/Screen

Position Your monitor

You will have to look at the screen of your PC for a significant part of your life. Doing that the wrong way not only cause eye strains but can also affect your visibility after a long term.

When you sit in front of the screen, make sure that you sit at least an arm’s length from it.

To adjust the screen of your laptop or PC in the desired position, you can buy a laptop or monitor stand. The top of the screen should be at your eye level and tilt the screen in such a way that there is no glaring on it.

Keeping A Water Bottle At Your Work Desk Is A Must

If you sit for long hours at your work desk, the body needs water to overcome dehydration. Always remember to keep your own water bottle and drink frequently.

A lot of people avoid drinking a lot of water as they will have to go to the washroom again and again. One should not compromise while following healthy habits. If you want to feel refreshed in your working hours and stop your body from exhaustion, you will have to drink water.

Moving Now And Then Will Help You

move and stretch quite often

If you think sitting the whole day at one spot is a superpower, well it can be a harmful superpower for yourself. Our body needs movement to stay healthy and you should build a habit of stretching all the body parts.

You don’t have to compromise with your work for that. When you get files to study, an email, or a call on your phone, you can address them while walking. Or you can get an electric standing desk so that you can change your posture and work while standing.

Don’t forget to stretch whenever you get time. There are many stretching exercises you can do while sitting in your chair.

Eat Healthy

You need to eat well to stay energized during the day and give all the essential vitamins and nutrients to your body.

Always have breakfast before you leave home as it will prepare you for the most productive hours of the day. Experts have linked skipping breakfast with situations like high blood pressure and hypertension.

Having snacks between your meals is a good idea given that you are avoiding a lot of sugar intake. Eating nutritional snacks gives you the morale needed for the work and you get more focused on what is happening around you.

Consider Work Breaks A Blessing

You should not be finding excuses to get a break but they are very important for your body to function properly the whole day. Breaks reenergize your brain and you feel motivated to look further in the work you are doing.

Consider taking breaks even when you are not able to get through a tough task at your hand. Take a break, drink coffee or just stroll in the park to refresh your mind. It will surely improve your concentration and you will be able to assess the situation better.

If Possible, Cycle or Walk To Your Office, or…..

There are millions of people around the world that do not feel the indirect impacts of sitting for long hours. So, they just carry on their daily routine of home to office and office to home.

As we said, our body thrives on movements. To ensure that your body does not give up in old age, you should walk a significant distance daily.

It is advised to go to your office by walk or on a cycle, which you know has environmental benefits as well. You are going to sit for the whole day, so keep yourself a little active when you can. Also, try to skip the elevator and take the stairs if you have enough time.

If you have to commute in your private vehicle, you should not forget to exercise at your home. Depending on your time, you can perform yoga, which is what a lot of work professionals these days are resorting to.

A 15-minute workout also works fine. It will keep your muscles active and reduce the risk of obesity and heart diseases.

Organise Your Workplace

Organised desk

People working for long hours must not ignore hygiene at their workplace. There are many benefits of keeping work place tidy around you.

The more activity you perform whole day, the more messier your table gets. Decide any one time from morning, afternoon, or evening when you will organize the space.

If your table does not look good you are going to feel reluctant in working and it will just ruin your productivity. A clean employee is also what every team would want by their side.

Final Thoughts

These were some useful tips for working professionals who have to sit for long hours in their offices daily. The most important thing to remember here is to look after your body. Only a healthy person will be able to carry his tasks very efficiently for years.

All the tips we have mentioned here will surely help you achieve your goals without impacting your physical and mental well-being.

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