10 Amazing Tips To Decorate The Workstation

The work environment is one of the most important resources to work efficiently, other than knowledge and physical inputs.

The work we do, in turn also has a huge role to play in shaping our lives because of one simple reason – the amount of time we spend with it. 

Some of us might not be spending too much time engaging with the actual work but everyone is on the workstation, and you can’t escape that.

Maintaining your office desk attractively can be one of the reasons to show up at your work energetically. Here, we have listed the 10 important ideas and tips to decorate the workstation.

A clean, organized, and well-decorated workplace not only looks attractive but also helps your mind focus better.

Tips To Decorate The Workstation

These tips lists some affordable items to decorate your work desk at office or at home. Have a look!

1. Add Paintings, Quotes, or Pictures

Workstation Quotes Ideas

This is the first thing that comes to mind when decorating a place. It takes a very little effort to equip it with a good painting, a delightful quote, or a memorable picture.

But before finalizing anything, make sure it reflects your personality and does not look forced.

You can choose a quote that is humorous as well as motivating, a picture that is not too personal, or a good painting of nature.

2. Add The Touch Of Nature

Nature touch to workstation

In this era of irrational and disastrous development, nature has become synonymous with healing and happiness. Decorating your space with some plants will give you joy and a sense of satisfaction.

If you are planning it for a workstation at your office, the most you can do is get 2-3 houseplants and succulents. You can get some help to choose plants from here.

If you are in office or you are working from home, grab in as much greenery as you can. You can also make a DIY succulent desk buddies like these.

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3. Try Stationary Makeover

Journal for notes

We will talk about adding books later but you can do a lot with other stationaries as well.

When planning to set up a beautiful workstation, one thing we mostly ignore is the office supplies and the stationary. You can discard the diaries given from the office and instead use a cool journal.

Keep a desk organizer or a holder for your office files, pens, marker, scissors, and staplers.

4. Brighten The Space

Brighten the workplace

It is important for a workstation to look bright not just for the purpose of work but also for a good appearance.

Natural light helps you maintain the body’s circadian rhythm (natural clock) and improves productivity. If your place has natural light, there can’t be anything more tantalizing than that.

If you are setting a workstation at home, consider setting it near a big window.

If you don’t have access to natural light for your workstation, a good lamp will work too. 

A well-lit work looks appealing and also helps prevent eye strains caused due to low light.

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5. Consider DIY and Color Schemes

DIY for workstation

If you don’t want to stuff your place with everything bought from the market, adding DIY is the best.

You can plan beforehand how you want your workstation to look and what color it will be majorly reflecting.

Blue and yellow are considered a lot at work as they are known for stimulating your brain and scratching its creative part.

You can go with many attractive tones of these colors like Aqua, shades like baby blue, turquoise, bumblebee, butter yellow, etc.

You can use these colors while making your own DIY products like holders, photo frames, covers for your stuff, etc.

6. Personalization Can Be Interesting

Personalized objects

As you are going to put a lot of effort in making your space look beautiful, you can consider placing your name or picture on one or two objects.

You can get your name inscribed on your water bottle, coffee mug, or pen holder. A lot of people also attach a wire and hang a lot of their pictures on it.

You can also add your pictures as a screensaver on your PC.

A lot of people buy calendars with a lot of customization for their work desk.

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7. Place Your Favorite Books

Keep books on table

One of the things that make a place look sunning is the books!

Try not to keep a lot of them, especially the motivational ones. Just place 2-3 good books that are not controversial or debatable.

I would go with short stories of great writers any day. You can read one story after working for a few hours and it feels refreshing.

Keeping books focused on developing a skill is also a wise thing to do.

8. Try These Tips For Notes

Sticky notes for office work

Taking notes and pasting them in your sight is a good habit but people often ruin the looks of their space with so many notes everywhere. 

Choose some colorful sticky notes and set a fixed spot for sticking notes.

Go with a whiteboard only if you think you can make your workstation look decorative despite having it.

9. Maintain Cleanliness With These Simple Habits

Maintain desk Cleanliness

The place you decorate will lose its charm very soon if you don’t have plans for regular clean-ups and organizing your supplies.

Firstly, keep a small trash can near your desk and inculcate the habit of throwing even a tiny bit of paper in it. 

Do deep cleaning once or twice a month and keep a hand sanitizer near your table.

10. Additional Items You Can Add

If you have ample space, there are so many things that can rejuvenate your workstation.

From magnet push pins to noteholders and tape dispensers, you can get a very designed version of all these.

You can do a lot with your system as well like assigning a funny name or just putting computer sitters on it.

A Pomodoro clock (a technique used at work) or a simple digital clock can also add charm to your table.

Final Word

A good-looking office cubicle is a key to happy and productive working hours. So, these were the 10 considerable tips to decorate the workstation.

You can also just choose three or four things we mentioned above and make your workstation look attractive by going minimal.

A place with a minimalistic setup stops your mind from wandering and you work more efficiently. We hope we gave you some good ideas to establish a desirable workstation!

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