7 Different Types Of Chairs For Studying: For Kids & Adults

Do you want to make sure that the chair for your study routine should be perfect in all aspects?

It is often seen that while making plans to study productively, complete attention is given to the table and other workstation accessories while any ‘good’ chair is considered to be fine.

Comfortability plays an important role in helping you concentrate better. In this article, we will be discussing the different types of chairs you can buy for studying efficiently.

As most people love to follow trends, computer chairs are getting very popular among people who study at home.

We will examine how useful they are and what alternatives you have next to them. So, let us find out what types of chairs are best for studying for different groups of people.

Types Of Chairs For Studying: Adults

You have a lot of options depending on the budget, study hours, and the level of comfort needed. Here are the different types of chairs for studying for adults and college students.

Computer Chairs

Many people also refer to computer chairs as office chairs or task chairs. If you look up study chairs online, mostly these types of chairs are shown in the search results.

These are rolling chairs meant to sit for long hours with adequate adjustability and comfortability.

Computer chairs are mostly ergonomic. It means, while sitting, the back of the chair will conform to your spine and provide good support to your back.

It also has a waterfall seat design so that your legs do not feel exhausted after long study sessions.

waterfall seat design

The armrests and height adjustability add to the comfort provided by the chair.

One of the biggest advantages of using office chair as a study chair is their movability. It gets very easy to get up, sit down or grab a book from a nearby cupboard while sitting.

The movability also allows you to stretch your body during study sessions so that a smooth blood flow is maintained in your legs.

Most of these chairs also recline back a little so that you can rest your back for a while. You have the option to choose whether you want the mesh back or the stuffed one. Here are the three chair types in this category that will help you study well.

High Back Chairs

High-back chair

High Back chairs provide complete support to your back and head. They are the best study chair for long hours like for 6-7 hours as you can rest in between while reclining back whenever you feel tired.

These chairs need more space than other ergonomic chairs because the higher the seat, the more base area it has for stability.

Mid Back Chairs

Mid back chair

These are rolling chairs often without a headrest. However, a lot of these support your neck and then the only difference between these as the high-back chair will be the size and price.

Mid-back chairs are perfect for college students and adults to study at home. You can get through a 4-5 hours session easily without feeling stress in any of your body parts. These chairs cost lower than the high-back chair.

Tilting Chairs

Most of our study sessions involve tilting our body ahead for reading or writing. It gets very convenient if the chair you sit can allow you to tilt smoothly. These types of chairs are just like other office chairs but with a tilting seat. The seat can also be locked if you don’t want any movement.

Tilting chairs and all other computer chairs contain a lot of mechanical parts. Also, remember that these chairs are a little costly in comparison to other study chair types available in the market.

Desk Chairs Without Wheels

desk chair without wheels for studying

You might have observed that the search for study chairs mostly lead you to the chairs we discussed above. However, rolling chairs or ergonomic chairs are not the only ideal chairs for studying.

Simple desk chairs like ladderback chairs can be a good companion for college students. These chairs are cheaper than computer chairs and offer a stable sitting experience without any distraction.

Depending on the duration you study (stats here), you can get these types of chairs with or without a padded seat.


If you are looking to set up a more luxurious space to study at your home, you will like armchairs, like the above one having arms. These chairs offer switching options between studying on the table or just reading with your legs closed on the chair.

Armchairs are much more comfortable than other chairs. They come in so many sizes and designs depending on the maker or designer.

You will get a wide variety of these chairs in your nearest furniture store or on Amazon and other shopping sites.

Armchairs to study are suitable for people who are concerned about the interiors in their room. Armchairs range from having minimal designs to beautiful detailed ones.

Gaming Chairs

gaming chair

If a person is into the study as well as online gaming or work, they can consider gaming chairs.

These chairs come with a lot of adjustability and other features that can help you sit comfortably. You get complete lumbar support along with big armrests and winged back which makes it the best chair for studying for long hours.

Gaming chairs have all the abilities that computer chairs provide. Additionally, some of these come with features like cup holders and wireless speakers. You can make them recline fully and rest for a while after a class.

If you are into gaming and also have to attend online classes, these chairs will be the best option for you. However, good quality gaming cost a lot more than other normal chairs.

Types of Chairs For Studying: Kids

Kids need a decent space for studying so that they stay organized and focused. The pandemic has especially enabled long hours of study at home which makes the chair choosing task important for them.

There are not many categories available for kids when it comes to deciding the study chair. However, some companies offer miniature versions of their computer chairs for kids.

kids computer chair

As kids are restless and it is tough to keep them focused at home, a good ergonomic chair will provide them comfort and might play a role in keeping their interest intact in the online class or the homework.

Before purchasing a chair for them, you should determine the kid’s height and weight and choose accordingly.

You can also go for small ladder back chairs or active sitting chairs for kids. But it is important to teach the kids about maintaining correct postures.

If you already have these chairs in bigger sizes and don’t want to buy a new one, consider adding a footrest under the study table.

For School and College Classrooms

If you are looking for purchasing chairs in bulk for classrooms, then your options are going to differ slightly from the chairs we have discussed till now. As children are known to create a ruckus at school and colleges, the chairs for them should be able to withstand.

It asks for classroom chairs to have a very tough material built. Now, to get such quality chairs in bulk at a decent budget, one has to compromise with the comfortability aspect of chairs.

Classroom chairs for kids only require average comfortability because they don’t have to sit for very long hours continuously. Now, let’s have a look at some chair types that will be perfect for school and college kids.

Traditional Chairs

traditional chair for kids

Traditional desk chairs are considered the best for classrooms as they are wooden chairs and are very stable and the lack of movability keeps the students focused.

They are also mostly built with good quality materials that can last for years.

The desk chairs also occupy less space than the rolling chairs and a lot of children can sit comfortably in a limited space.

Cantilever Chair

Cantilever chair for studying

This is one of the most preferred chair types in classroom settings. Cantilever chairs are mostly available in big sizes so these are ideal to be used at classes that teach skills to college students.

You get a caved back in these chairs, which supports the back pretty well. The one disadvantage of these chairs is that if the floor is not rock solid, these chairs can ruin that.

Stacking Chairs

stacking chairs for kids

Stacking chairs are available in different materials in the market at very reasonable prices. Most of them have a tough plastic body, whereas the legs are metallic.

These chairs are meant for sitting in groups and come in almost all sizes. Most schools also prefer these chairs for small kids’ classrooms as they are available in bright colors that children like.


For very short study sessions like in a book store, one can go for stools or other active sitting chairs. But for a thorough study, you require a chair that supports a correct posture and doesn’t create pressure points in your body parts.

So, these were the types of chairs for studying that are ideal for productive sessions at homes and classes. We hope you now know what to expect while choosing one.

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