12 Most Important Work From Home Accessories

Working from home is becoming more common, but having the right accessories can make all the difference in productivity and comfort. This article will highlight 12 most important work from home accessories to upgrade your set up. From desk organisers to footrests, these accessories will help you create an efficient and enjoyable remote office. Read on to transform your workday!

12 Necessary Work From Home Accessories List

1. Work Desk with Sufficient Space

a work desk

The basis of setting up a good workstation is a work desk. For that, you should always choose a table that can accommodate all your stuff and also have some drawers or cabinets to store them.

Apart from the top area, the height of the table should also be ideal for you to sit in a correct posture. Adjustable work desks and standing desks are also quite in trend because more and more people want to make a healthy work routine.

Your body needs to be active to stay healthy and working on a standing desk allows a lot of movement.

2. Ergonomic Office Chair

an ergonomic office chair

We have always acknowledged the importance of ergonomic chairs when you have to sit for long hours.

It is important to feel comfortable while working and the chair should help you sit in a good posture with ample support for your lower back. Ignoring correct postures can have disastrous long-term impacts on your body.

Ergonomic chairs also improve the efficiency of your work. As you are comfortable, you can focus better on your tasks.

The adjustability and movability in a chair are also equally important so that you have easy access to all parts of your workstation. From here you can check out the best office chairs under 200 bucks.

3. A Good Laptop or a PC

a good laptop

Slow systems take away all the interest you have in your work. If your work involves a lot of software’s or researching on the web, it is important to have a laptop with a fast processor.

The laptop should have the required storage capacity according to your work and a good battery backup is also expected.

You never know when you can feel like visiting the nearest hill station while working from “home”.

If you really plan to travel during WFH, you should buy a lightweight laptop with a medium screen size.

Other PC accessories

  • Keyboard: If you use an additional keyboard with your laptop, you will be able to type faster and also make better hand posture.
  • Mouse – Optical mouse offer much more convenience than the touchpad on your laptop especially if you have to use the mouse a lot. e.g. for graphic designers.
  • Mouse pad – Not just for a smooth cursor movement, mousepads also protect the desk from scratches.
  • Earphones – Earphones are a must for a lot of reasons and the most important being the work calls. Good noise cancellation earphones allow you to communicate with your work people without any disturbance from your home environment. You can also watch video tutorials and research content on YouTube for your work. A lot of people listen to white noise or Lo-Fi music to stay focused at their tasks.
  • Additional monitor – WFH gives you a great opportunity to develop some skills related to your jobs. Keeping an additional monitor at work desk is good idea for people who are curious for other things while working. Sometimes, opening a lot of tabs and windows on your laptop can slow the system. The extra monitor also allows you to work faster and organize your work files better.

4. A Desk Organizer

a desk organiser

Depending on the number of accessories and office supplies one uses, there is a wide range of desk organizers available in the market.

A messy workstation will also make you feel lazy and also finding the things you need will take more time. To boost your productivity and to make your table look clean, desk organizers come with pockets for files, journals, books, phones, chargers, clocks, pens, scissors, markers, etc.

When these supplies are kept in an organized manner, you also get more space at your desk for work. I recommended this as one of the useful work from home accessories you must get.

5. A footrest with a washable cover

a footrest

Just like an ergonomic back of a chair is made for your spine’s good health, a footrest is important for your lower body.

Footrest has lot of benefits like it saves your feet from exhaustion while proving support to your ankles, knees, and thighs. There are footrests that can be flipped and by using them from the other side, you can swing your feet. That allows a smooth blood flow in your lower body and you feel less fatigued.

If you are buying an ergo foam footrest, you should check if it comes with a washable cover or you can get plastic or leather footrests.

6. Surge Protector with or without an extension cord

a surge protector

You will be using and charging a lot of electronic appliances at your work desk. To ensure their safety against power surges and spikes, surge protectors are important.

You will need multiple charging sources anyway. So, by spending a few bucks more, you can get a reliable surge protector with power strips.

If the desk is going to be placed far from the power source on your wall, purchase the surge protector with an extension cord.

Some of these devices also come with USB outlets. You can charge your phones with the data cables without keeping those bulky chargers on your desk.

7. Office desk lamp

a desk lamp

A good lighting condition at the workstation not only allows us to focus on the task conveniently but also energizes us to sit and continue working.

If you are not sitting near a window, the desk lamp can help you during the day as well, so that you don’t end up causing eyestrain.

When sharing the room with family or friends, the office desk lamp allows you to work at night, without disturbing their space.

8. Portable laptop table

a portable laptop table

The best part about working from home is the comfortability to sit and eat at your home anytime anywhere. If it is winter and you don’t feel like getting out of your bed, just grab your laptop and a portable laptop table and start working.

These tables can also be used on the floor or your couch as they will let you keep all the essential supplies near you. If you are tired after sitting for long hours, just place this table over your work desk and your standing desk is ready.

9. Work journal and sticky notes

work journal and sticky notes

Yes, we talked about comfortability above but it is much important to keep your schedule organized while working from home.

As there is a lot going at our homes and sometimes, we might end up losing the track of tasks we are assigned. So, placing sticky notes will be productive for you.

You should also keep a work journal which you can use for taking notes and planning the tasks ahead.

10. Water bottle

water bottle and a coffee mug

Our brain goes through a lot of activity when we work to let the brain function properly, you have to stay hydrated. The lack of water in our body affects our cognitive abilities and our performance is severely impacted.

Always keep a water bottle near your table and take a few sips now and then. Remember to keep BPA-free water bottles and also clean them regularly.

You can look for insulated water bottles to keep warm water during the winters.

11. Spill-proof coffee mug

Coffee enhances mood and energy levels while working. In lots of cases, people also drink coffee at the work to avoid sleep. But you might spill it if you keep it on your work table.

Spill-proof coffee mugs lets you keep the coffee on the table and take small sips without any risk. There are coffee mugs in the market that also come with insulation lid to keep your coffee hot for a while.

12. House Plants

house plant

Offices are going green all over the world not just from the conservation perspective but literally as well. Experiments conducted in large commercial offices in The Netherlands and the U.K. have observed the impact of incorporating greenery at workplaces. It concluded that it boosts the concentration levels and satisfaction in the employees.

Even if you don’t go with the study, you know how nature makes us feel calmer. Well, you can’t really get that courtyard landscapes that the giant companies are creating for their employees but a few house plants are cool, to begin with.

Final Word

These were some of the most important work from home accessories you will need for home setup.

Remember that cramming a lot of things is always detrimental to productivity. The fewer things you have, the cleaner your place looks and the better you will be able to concentrate.

Once you get the necessary accessories, try to set up the workstation near a window and make sure you get enough space to move freely.

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